So Maybe He is Right..

So maybe, and I'm only saying this as a hypothetical situation, Prince Charming is right.  Maybe ( hypothetical here) he really does pay more attention to me than I think.  We've been on a long road that had it's beautiful serene flower filled landscape, then it got a bit bumpy, and then for a while, there was a wild horde of killer bee's chasing us from the same flower filled landscape. In the end we made it, stronger than we were before and different then we were before.

But today I realized all the little things I hadn't noticed before that showed that he was paying attention to me:

  •  Asking why I hadn't wore my Gold Silk PJ top anymore because he loved when I did
  • Knowing to surprise me by sending kids to school in morning without me waking up. 
  • Bringing me coffee to bed 
  • Doing little things he know will make my day better after work (i.e. Emptying Dishwasher, switching laundry loads)
To the rest of the world it isn't much. But to me and my little atmosphere it makes a world of difference, and I am grateful I have him :-)


Nette @ SmilingMom said...

I love it. :-) Congratulations.

Chris said...

@Nette - Thanks :-)