Behind the Scenes of
Backyard Games - X-treme Style

I know some of you have thought I have had some type of horrid mishap. The truth is, it wasn't me. I am perfectly fine (physically, anywhoo). But thank you for worrying :-) It was very sweet.

Last Saturday we had a small cookout with two couples from Prince Charming's work. We had a great time grilling out, playing board games, laughing at the kids and having a few cocktails.

After dinner and a rousing game of electronic catch phrase we were all sitting around starting to get a little bored. We began suggesting different things to liven up the party or at least provide some mild entertainment. One of the guys suggested that it would be funny if someone were to ride Alex's skateboard down the swing set slide.

Yes, I know. Bells are starting to ring, aren't they?

Well, Prince Charming being much more a kid at heart than the old man he pretends to be, decided to relive his glory days. And so begins the the tale of why I pulled a week long disappearing act.

He grabbed the skateboard and headed to the top of the slide.

I shook my head. Everyone else laughed in disbelief. The kids got excited. I yelled that I had best not ever see them try this if they wanted to have a good summer. And I shook my head again.

Everything seemed like it was going to go exactly as planned, until he place the skate board on the slide. The theory was that the slide would act as a sort of track for the skate board. The problem was that Alex doesn't have typical skateboard wheels. He has these big monster ones for 'all terrain' type skateboarding.

Prince Charming realized that the whole 'track' theory wasn't going to work out. But at this point he was committed to providing us all with some entertainment and proving that he was a candidate for backyard x-games.

So he placed the skate board on the slide, leaving one set of wheels on the edge and the other inside the sides. He took his position in an impressive surfer style pose. And proceeded to head down. It all went very quickly, but he did manage to do it. Almost. We had not realized that the slide was not on even ground and therefore the very bottom of the slide was crooked. And it was the opposite side of the wheels riding the edge.

As he made an impressive ride down, the skate board hit the crooked bottom and then the ground. At this point the skate board was no longer a skate board. It became a flying board. It hit the ground then took flight right out from under Prince Charming's feet. Prince Charming attempted to save the landing, but it was too late and he fell in a twisted tangle of arms and legs.

Don't feel bad. It's okay to shake your head and laugh. We all were.

He got up and said that his foot hurt, but there was no swelling or bruising and it started to feel a little better as he walked on it. So we all had a really good laugh and continued on with our evening. However as everyone got up to go and we headed into the house after sitting for about 3 hours, Prince Charming stood up and almost fell. His foot was in a lot of pain and he could put no pressure on it. By this time we had the kids in bed and thought maybe it was just from the cold and sitting so we went to bed to see how it would be in the morning.

It wasn't better the next morning and was actually much worse. So we all helped him to the car and headed to our ER. After x-rays and an examination he walked back out in a cast and crutches with orders that he could not return to work for a full week. He has fractured the bones on the top of his foot and also torn ligaments on the side of his foot. It is very swollen and bruised now and will be in the cast for at least 3 weeks then we find out if it's healed or needs further attention.

For the past week I haven't been online because I've had all 3 kids home due to summer vacation and my husband confined to a couch for the majority of the week. Anyone who has had a sick hubby knows that it is a tad difficult. On top of the fact that I'm a person who likes my daily routine and this threw it into total chaos.

He has been bored and annoyed and in pain. I've done everything I can to help make it easier and relieve some of his 'home bound' tension. And he's been wonderfully grateful and even let me get out of the house twice this week to meet up with my girlfriend and a few (much needed) drinks after the kiddies were tucked in for the night. I guess he knew this was the best way to save my sanity.

The one good thing that has come out of this was a wonderful discussion, complete with visual aides, with Alex and Liberty about why you should never take a dare to impress your friends and that health, safety and using your brain are more important than being cool. After seeing what happened to daddy, they both agree.

Of course, the reality is:
Prince Charming's only regret is that he didn't manage to pull the stunt off.


And that my friends, is what prompted my wonderful graphic (Thanks, mom!):


MGM said...

Amazing...I can't even imagine someone attempting this little stunt. Even more so, I can't imagine admitting it via Internet for the whole world to read. HA HA! Just kidding! BTW, does Prince Charming KNOW you published this for the world to read?

Diane said...

Having been on crutches recently, my whole heart goes out to PC. And although my stunt days are well over, I truly believe that there is value in this event. It will make one of those great family stories-the kind that will live on and probably grow over the years. I know I still hear some 20 years later about the great food fights we had when the kids were small. Plus, can't get any better in the way of instructional value for the two kids, and the shortcomings of peer pressure. Can't wait for the T-shirt sales. lol

Anonymous said...

MGM - He does know :-) He is not ashamed in the least. And honestly, as stupid as it was, I just have to shake my head and laugh. Sometimes little boys just never grow up :-D

Diane - The kids are now very matter of fact about why doing stuff your friends want you to is not a good idea even if it means being cool :-D And t-shirts will arrive soon ;-)

Karen Rani said...

First instinct here is to laugh my ass off. Is that so wrong?

Prince are a DORK.


jesse said...

I couldn't help but laugh but I'm glad he's ok. And yes hubby's can be more work than the kids when they are home sick. I'm glad you're back online.

Anonymous said...

Karen - No...not wrong at all. We've been doing it often lately. It's really the most absurd thing ever. LOL.

Jesse - Thanks. He's back at work as of yesterday but the walking, even with crutches, is making it hurt even more. Hopefully it will start showing improvement soon!

Tracy said...

I'm so glad that in the end, everyone is ok, a little worse for the wear but still ok. I bet he's going to have fun explaining this to all of the people at work!
And the good news is that you and PC were able to teach the kids very important lessons.
1. Never do the things that you think are good ideas after having a "few" drinks
2. You are not as destructible when you get older.
Both very valuable!

Anonymous said...

Tracy - So True! The sad we really had only a few! So it can't even be blamed as alcohol induced! LOL.

PC aka. Hopscotch Man said...
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PC aka. Hopscotch Man said...




Well, I am glad that I could entertain the world, lol. I was always the one that danced around the fire half naked, or mooned the police just to make the party memorable.

Just for the record. I was really close to pulling it off, If my wife wouldn't kill me I would try it when I get better. Also for the record I did ride it down goofy foot.

We all grow old way to fast. If you don't push yourself you will never know your your limits. I say throw your "yippie kie ehh" into the wind and go to the emergency room later.

I like to live life with no regrets, and I really don't have any until now.

I have two regrets.

1. Not sticking the landing.
2. Not having video for youtube.

So I will not retire my inner child or ground him to his room, I am still just a kid, just alot bigger and takes me longer to get up from my falls.

Catwoman said...

Absolutely hysterical!

Although, I'm going to admit to reading most of the post with my fingers covering most of my eyes, because I was afraid it was going to get gory, but at the same time I couldn't look away. Which is also how I used to watch ER and most thrillers...

Anonymous said...

Catwoman - ROFLMAO. tooo cute!

Daisy said...

I loved the story -- and the graphic! Prince Charming, you'll have to practice when your loved one isn't home -- or isn't watching.