And I wondered why they didn't hire me....

'Welcome to McDonald's, Can I take your order?'

'Yes, I'll have a large sugar free iced coffee please.'

'Okay, you're total is 2.68, please go to window one.'

I drive to window one.

'Hi, you're total is 2.68."

'Okay, here's Three.'

'Okay and you're change is...Oh...hmm. Hold on. This is a fake penny.' (Insert very confused, slightly unsure look here)

'I'm sorry?'

'This is a fake penny.
(she begins flipping it over and over looking at it) Or maybe it's from England. I think it's from England. I'm not sure. Is that okay?'

'Ummm...yeah. It's only a penny. Not a big deal'

'Okay, here you go, have a great day.'

I look at the 'fake' penny.

Funny how those fake English pennies say Canada. 


Brian o vretanos said...

Working in that sort of place probably rots your brain or something.

I read somewhere that the metal in a US penny is worth more than 1 cent, but that there's some kind of weird law against you melting them down, so they were probably doing you a favour, since you'll be able to melt it down and make something...

Bee said...

Ha ha! YOu should have told her it was worth 10 English dollars just to see what she would have said.

Bee said...

What the...???

Anonymous said...

Brian - Hmm. Interesting. I will have to look into that. Maybe I will start a secret penny melting lab in my basement. If I become rich I will share with you and Bee.

Bee - Yeah, I have no clue. She reminds me of our hostess at work whom I've nicknamed Cotton Candy. It looks pretty but there's nothing to it.

Karen Sugarpants said...

Smoooooth! Our Tim Hortons around the corner is similarly remedial. It's ridonkulous!

Sassy said...

Yes us Canadians have been making those fake English pennies FOOOOOOR years! We're a sneaky bunch. Ha.

Roz said...



just a girl... said...

I love that you said 'Fake" penny. I am new to your blog, come say Hi if you get a chance.