Women Unite!
It's time to Pee Standing Up!!

Summer is here. The season for bbq's, picnics, summer vacation, swimming, little league, t-ball and....Port-a-Potty's.

**Insert Shiver Here**

I don't care what anyone says, alcohol poisoning or not, I pretty much BATHE in Germ-X after I use one!

They are always so smelly, and buggy, and just plain NOT clean.

I have always envied boys though for their ability to use that nice little urinal on the sidewall. They never have to worry that they won't be able control the speed of their pee and end up with 'splash up'. **insert gagging sounds here**

They don't have to try and carefully squat over a hole, all the while just praying that you don't loose balance and have to actually TOUCH something.

Well, My friends. It's Thursday and by now I'm sure we could all use a bit of a giggle. So being the domestic wonder woman that I am, I have decided to share a product that both made me laugh for well over 10 minutes AND solves the port-a-potty dilemma.

I would like to introduce you to P-Mate. This revolutionary new product allows women the "Freedom to Pee Standing up."

Here is some information from the website:
* The P-Mate gives women the freedom to pee like men.

* The P-Mate is clean and hygienic.

* The P-Mate is covered with a 4-leaf clover design as it is good luck to have one with you when you are in need.

* The P-Mate does NOT get all wet and soggy after use. You can easily slip it back into a pocket or bag for later disposal if you are outdoors where there is no garbage can.

P-Mate was invented by a creative Dutch woman. They allow girls and women of all ages the ability to neatly pee standing up.

The P-Mate is basically like a cardboard shoe with the toe cut off. You place the entrance of the 'shoe' directly under your urethra, between your legs, pee into the shoe and then make sure that the hole at the toe end is funnelling the urine out somewhere other than on your feet.

Forget peeing on my feet.

This means I can finally write my name in the snow too!


Catwoman said...

I'm just not sure I can walk around with a cardboard shoe in my purse. I think I'd rather just keep holding it in, the strategy that's worked for me all these years. Because even standing up, port-a-potties scare the crap out of me.

No pun intended, I swear.

Anonymous said...

Catwoman - I soo agree. I honestly couldn't use this thing. Can you imagine sticking in pocket or bag for disposal later?? It may not get wet and soggy..but..hello..it WILL smell!

Tracy said...

OMG I soooo needed that giggle! See my blog for why I could have used one of those things today!
My question is: What the heck kind of situation was this woman in where she thought "If I only had some time of shoe shaped device to pee in...that would just make my day..and it would need to be bendy so that I could stick it in my pocket until I find a garbage can.
It's funny because I just watched that show last night called American Inventors and they have to show you how to use their products. I would have payed good money to see their faces when she pulled up her pants leg and peed while writing her name on the rug! Great find!

Lisa said...

ahahahahaahah. That is funny. I still wouldn't be coordinated enough to write my name in the snow.

Anonymous said...

Tracy - LMAO. I have no idea what made this woman think of it. But it's hilarious!!

Lisa - I'm not that coordinated either, but it sure seems fun ;-)

jesse said...

I think I've seen everything now-that's funny. Oh man I don't think I could ever use one of those things, or even carry that in my purse-but man it gave me a good laugh. And how did you come across this website.

Absolutely Bananas said...

NO WAY! As great an idea as it sounds, and as many problems as this little contraption would solve, I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm waaay too uncoordinated to attempt something like that!

Amber said...

FINALLY: LIBERATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Jesse - Honestly..I am not sure. I may have stumbled it, I just know it was in my 'things to blog' in my bookmarked folder :-0

AB - Honestly, I think it's just as easy for us to squat. LOL. Although I'm always a terrified a buggy will end up in the wrong place

Amber: See..who knew what it would take to put women on a truly level playing field ;-)

Anonymous said...

lol, that looks like a real stocking filler