The (very sexy) Handy Man

We are re-decorating our Kitchen with the works: New paint, new borders, new fixtures, and a new ceiling fan/light combo. I have absolutely no skill (that I am aware of, anywho) in these areas. I contemplated trying to put the faucet in by myself, but when I opened the package and read the directions I just got even more confused. Obviously, not even being able to handle a water faucet, I needed someone else to install the ceiling fan for me.

My handy man started on Sunday and made a great attempt to get it up in one day. But some unforeseen issue with patching plaster and the size of the new hole in my cei
ling made that impossible. So Sunday night I cooked dinner and washed dishes by candle light.

Last night my handy man was back at the job, sanding and trying to re-plaster the hole.

I walked in the kitchen and he looked at me and I just froze. He was sooooo sexy. I mean, seriously, if he had his tool belt on..I would have been a goner. I would have had to replace the kitchen table ;-) I snuck away and managed to get one picture that caught him unaware. I'm sorry that the pic quality isn't that great, as you can't see how blue his eyes are. But, I thought I'd share with you:
Sexy Handyman
After the flash went off, I was busted so he decided to put on a little show for me:

Sexy Handyman
I did warn him that any pics I took were fully (and most likely) going to be put on my blog. I even asked for a quick shot with the tool belt, but I think he sensed that in doing so he may be endangering completion of his job (okay..the mountains of plaster dust on the table may have been a factor also)(Okay, Okay, yes it was probably more to my drooling and the look of total mischief on my face).

The boy is just sexy as all get out, and I swear he finds projects to do around my house just to drive me crazy.

Thank goodness I married him.


Lisa said...

I am LOVING your new design, lady. So very pretty and cool. Ohhh your handyman. I had to laugh. Tell him we all think he's a DILF. heehee.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You are just oh so funny! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Lisa - Thank you :-) Now that the party is over I have to start working on a new one. And ya..he is a total DILF ;-) Thankfully I have full rights on that privilege. You crack me up :-D

Michelle - Aww..thanks :-)

Sassy said...

I could like totally use a handyman. Now, my husband is one HOWEVER, as we all know, if your husband is a home renovater for his profession, you NEVER get shit done around your own home. Oh no. Never. So when you're done with your hunk, send him over. Thanks! *Wink*

Anonymous said...

Sassy - Deal. As soon as my kitchen fan is up and running he's all yours. But I'm making him leave the tool belt here. Sorry ;-)

Tammy :):):) said...

Oh, how cute are you guys!?! And you had me going all the way until the end. I'm thinking, "where's hubby?" LOL
Have a great evening with your handyman!

Anonymous said...

Tammy - LOL. Thanks :-D