Dear Madame

Dear Madame,

I am not sure what I have done to offend you. I simply defended my friend as you did yours. I find it very interesting that for all your comments on others behavior you felt it justifiable to stoop to the level you did.

I do not know you, and had never even heard of you before today. I am pretty sure that you have not taken time to know me via my blog or my children. I did not personally attack you or anyone else for that matter.

Of all the insults and attacks that were bandied about the blogosphere today, I find yours to be the most heinous. For all your morally superior airs it is simply poor character to call another person's children names.

In the future, I would suggest you spend your time and energy on your character and leave my children alone.

They are much too wonderful, special and precious to even be a thought in the mind of a woman with your personality.

Have a wonderful Day.




Jenny said...

The both of them just look for people to be mean to over the internet, cowards that they are. It's a shame the internet has to have trash on it like them.

Chris said...

Jenny - Thanks for stopping by. I did receive an e-mail last night stating that the comment regarding the kids was not about me. If it was or not, it still was not appropriate. Calling anyone's children 'brats' when you do not know the children personally is simply rude. Anywho, I'm over it and it's simply not worth any more of my time or attention :-D Nice to have you!

Lisa said...

Wow. I don't know what happened on Wednesday. But it sounds like a rough day in the blogosphere.

Chris said...

Lisa - yes it was and be glad you don't know! LOL. How are ya darlin?