Can you Guess??

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been online a lot lately. I was going to try to explain why, but my newest....duties...are already demanding my attentions.

So to make this short and sweet (as I must) I had this clue made to help you guess why I have no time for blogging this week. I promise I will try to make my usual rounds as soon as I possibly can. I already miss reading everyone!

So here is your clue:

Now, I want some good guesses!

Seriously. I need a good laugh. Or Vodka. Feel free to send either my way.

I'll try to give you the answer tomorrow and share the whole story!


Mel said...

I know I am not allowed to guess, but I can't help but post that I am ---> LMFAO @ the clue!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

hmm.. and see we have not even talked on the phone... i'm guessing that the little guy is kaylia and that she is everywhere all the time under need of a constant eye..... HOWEVER... the visual of you riding a scateboard down the kids slide is a prety damn good one ;-)

Anonymous said...

Mel - You are allowed to guess! I WANT you to guess. Why wouldn't I let you guess??

Jess - know the story already so no more guessing for you ;-)

Tracy said...

Ok here is my guess. I'm guessing that you had your children at the park and one of them told you that you were too old to be cool or something sweet like children say. You wanted to prove to your children that you were still a "cool mom" so you started frantically searching the playground for something to use to prove your coolness. Then you saw it. A punk on a skateboard. You run over, push him off of said skateboard and run to the slide. You climb to the top, yell "Hey kids, Watch Mommy! I'll show you cool!" and then you went down said slide on said skateboard, breaking a leg and a collar bone and the pain killers they have you on makes you unable to blog.
How close am I??????

Anonymous said...

Tracy - Close...but..not exactly :-) You did however give my my much needed laugh :-)

Catwoman said...

You tripped on your carpet and broke your collarbone?

Or stumped your toe so hard against the foot of your bed you broke it?

Don't laugh... #1 happened to a mommy friend of mine. And I've done #2.

Carpet and beds are probably more dangerous than bungee jumping. I've made it my mission in life to spread the word.

jesse said...

Ok I was thinking along the lines of what Tracy said and I like Catwomen's comment. Maybe you were standing on a stool slipped and broke your elbow-hey it happened to my friend but she was standing on a booster seat.

PC said...

I heard that Super Cool Prince Charming got invited to the X-Games? I heard he used to be some skater guy? Is that True? Can I get my vintage Thrasher magazine signed by him?

Lisa said...

Well... Once upon a time a hot mama by the name of Chris decided to become a professional skateboarder so she could make mucho bucks on product endorsements and see the world at the same time. In order to "train" she got enormously drunk and decided twas a good idea to start the stunt-skill practice by climbing up a slide with her skateboard. A tv producer happened to witness the event. And while she didn't exactly "nail" the stunt, she DID nail a gig as a crazy, fun reporter for a local morning show.

Is that it? :-)

Tracy said...

End the suspense already!! I hope wherever you are you're ok!

Karen Rani said...


I demand answers.

Tracy said...

I demand some answers too! How are we supposed to go on without the answers WOMAN?????????
You're not dead right? Man I would feel really bad if you were. Please Chris, don't be dead!