What to buy and for Whom...A guide to FINALLY giving the PERFECT gift

Every year...you ask yourself the same question, 'What should I get Aunt Berta?' You start to unavoidably examine her life and who she is. She is..lets see..how do you put it nicely. She really is on her way to becoming 'Crazy Cat Lady'.

I know..it isn't a nice thing to think. But..how else do you explain a sweet 50 something lady, who really does own more cats than pairs of shoes and just can't seem to understand why she can't find a 'special gentleman' to stay around after they've visited?
So..why not get her a gift to...send a sweet but gentle reminder!
This sweet cat loving figurine is engraved with the wise saying, "Dating can be awkward. But so can becoming the crazy cat lady." This little Life Lessonswill hopefully help her realize...that when you need 5 litter boxes and two rooms dedicated to simply housing the feline friends...it's time to make a change!

Now that we have Aunt Berta out of the way...we move on to your sister-in-law. She's sweet and pretty....but due to some VERY bad break ups in her past ...she is a tad bitter. So..why not help her release some of that pent up hostility and frustration. This wonderful Knife collection will not only help her carve out those bad memories..but also help future men be a tad bit more mind full.

And should one of them still decide to stray, then this one of a kind toothpick holder will be a perfect companion gift so she can pick them out of her teeth after she's carved them up!

Okay, so we've gotten Crazy Cat Lady Aunt Berta and your Sister-in-Law out of the way.

Next it's your Cousin Jimmy. He's a great guy and the perfect definition of the Perpetual Kid. Thanks to a lucky bet a few years back on a pigeon rolling contest he is rolling in the dough!
So this year...help him smell like he's rolled in the dough...PLAY DOH!

This unique scentwill bring back fond memories of his childhood while being a unique and interesting gift that for once...he won't already have!

I hope you have been able to find something for everyone on your list. I will post a few more links to my other favorite ideas below...just in case you need some more inspiration!

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Ms. Suzy said...

this is too funny!! it fhat play-doh cologne wasn't so expensive I'd SO be buying that for my brother this year! LOL!

Anonymous said...

:) Glad you enjoyed it!! I just giggled and giggled going through this site :-D

Valerie said...

LOL what great gift giving ideas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Valerie! Glad you enjoyed them :-D

Karen Rani said...

This was too funny - and I loved the one you left in my comments....you NUT!

Karen Rani said...

Oh and I meant to say, the only "Cat Lady" I know, is really young and extremely nice...they aren't all weird! :D

Anonymous said...

LOL Karen...My SIL was actually given that figurine. She's early 30's but fits the definition to a T...She has 7 cats. LOL.

Anonymous said...

BTW..thanks for stopping by :-)

Bananas said...

I'm so glad you reposted- these are awesome! I love that knife one. Seriously... I'm tempted...