Paris Hilton Heads to Jail!
Oh wait, I DON'T CARE!

I turned on CNN this morning and guess what the biggest topic was?

Paris Hilton.

I mean, seriously????? Paris Freaking Hilton? The biggest most important thing the world has to worry about this morning is how she got to jail, who took her, what her mug shot looked like? I am supposed to be worried that she wasn't able to make MTV Movie Award after parties because she turned herself in after the ceremony?

I love to hear about celebrities and their lives. I am addicted to anything Angelia Jolie. But as much as I stalk admire her (yeah, she's my girly crush)I wouldn't even be able to stomach this type of thing over her!

Nothing makes me loose respect (Not that I had much for Paris to start with) for a celebrity quicker than when they go to serve their 'jail time.' She gets a 'special cell' and only has to serve 3 weeks!!! The publicity off this will be huge for her and in 3 weeks we'll have nothing on our news again except how Paris looks, how Paris survived, how Paris is handling it now. It's such a joke!

Seriously, I am just sick to death of celebrities getting this special 'jail-time' treatment. If you want them to stop driving drunk, stop using drugs, stop breaking the law....THEN TREAT THEM LIKE US BORING AVERAGE U.S. CITIZENS!!!!

Alright. I've now put away my soapbox and will be doing a more normal post later.


Catwoman said...

Amen sister!

I'm so sick of it as well. She broke the law, four or five times. And wouldn't learn. And now she gets segregated and is already getting out early for good behavior???? Give me a break!

Lisa said...

Catwoman just said what I was going to -- Amen sister!

I just want to gag.

Tracy said...

We really have to be related! Angelina also happens to by my girly crush! I've loved her through the crazy, her brother make out session, Billy Bob, adopting foreign children, and now Brad. I think that we should start a petition that states that they must have atleast a hundred children. Come on! Look at that gene pool!
As for Paris..I'm still trying to find out what exactly she's famous for. I've never seen her do anything but party. I can't stand her! And now with this jail stuff. I'm just thankful that she hasn't hurt anyone with her drunk driving!

Anonymous said...

Cat - I agree. It's absurd!!

Lisa - Amen sister ;-)

Tracy - Angelina is H.O.T. And I have to admit I think her and Brad are GREAT together. Really hoping they stick it out. And I just love the fact that she does good things with her money and celebrity. As for Paris, I just don't get it. I really don't.

jesse said...

I'm a huge Angelina/Brad fan. As for Paris not so much. I feel just like the rest of you-who cares! And yes why don't they treat them like the rest of us, if they did they probably wouldn't do half the things they do.

Catwoman said...

I am so relieved to hear your friend has been found!

Please keep us posted once you find out all the details, because I'm nosy like that! :)

PC said...

Who Cares? Hmmm. Lots of posts. Just proves she is a good media subject, love her or hate her she makes people watch.

Anonymous said...

PC - Yes, she does. And I totally admit to being a media whore by using her name to get more hits. :D