Rambling Thoughts of the Exhausted Mom.......

First, I must apologize to Tracy for shamelessly stealing borrowing her blog title without asking. Coffee is slow to kick in this morning and it was the only thing I could think of.

Here is a list of things that have flown through my head this morning:

  • I'm more worried about Joe. We have no new information. The 'clues' are just adding up to more 'what ifs". The police in Boynton Beach, Fl apparently are not all that concerned with finding him as quickly as possible. It really feels like we're in a twisted and demented version of C.S.I. or Vanished Without a Trace. And I still can't express how much your support and encouragement has meant to molls and I.
  • I couldn't award a Perfect Post today for the month of May. I had a folder saved in my bookmarks of my 'nominees' but it is gone. Just gone. So to all those who wrote the perfect post and were anxiously awaiting their e-mail from me, I am sorry. I have lost you. I promise the second I find you I will let you know.
  • Izzymom wrote this post today. I wish she wrote it yesterday so I could have given her a Perfect Post award. But she wrote it today, so now she has to wait 29 more days and hope I don't loose her in that time. But I now have del.icio.us, so I should be able to keep her found.
  • This was on del.icio.us top five this morning. I thought it was kinda funny. Rambling and exhausted, remember?
  • Since changing my mind about turning in my two weeks notice, I'm pretty sure I'm going to take the girls night out package tonight. I.really.need.some.real.drink. Something that doesn't come in a plastic carton, have silly fruit with faces on it, contain the word "diet" anywhere, or go in a sippy cup.

What are your plans for this weekend? Anything good? Anything I can invite myself too?


Lisa said...

Yes, you need a fun night out lady.

Also, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Joe. How scarey. I don't know anyone in his town or in Florida where he was....

Please keep us updated.

jesse said...

I'm really sorry about your friend. I wish I knew someone who lives in Florida but I don't. I hope they can find some information about your friend.

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Jesse - Thank you both :-) His dad says they are planning on heading down there Sunday to start doing a little work on their own. My fingers are crossed.

Sassy said...

Still praying for your friend. I soo hope he's okay!

Here's a plan for you this weekend:
I decided to go out today and do massive amounts of yard work in the sweltering heat and added to my rebound headache, I think I've given myself a touch of sunstroke, which I've been known to get because the heat sucks the juice out of me...soooooo, you mentioned drinks, here's my game plan-ready?
You could BRING me drinks (non alcoholic though...can you imagine if I DID actually drink? Yikes.)while I laze around and try to combat my nausea. I might require a massage (maybe kinda creepy, not sure), and then you could put some shrimp on the barby and feed it to me (again, perhaps kinda creepy. Lemme get my creep meter out). Then after I'm sufficiently feeling better, we'll get you drunk, while we watch some funny girl movie and tell dirty jokes. Sound fun? I'll be waiting. Lemme go get cleaned up. See you in an hour.

Izzy said...

Thanks for the linky love, girlfriend!

I have no big plans this weekend other than sleeping in tomorrow. We have Tropical Storm Barry coming so it's supposed to rain and rain and rain anyway.

I'm sorry about your friend. I used to live down that way. I hope they find him soon.

Anonymous said...

Sassy - You need to stop teasing me. It just isn't fair you live in Canada. When you move to IL then let me know and I'll feed you all the shrimp you can handle :-D

Izzy - The words 'Tropical Storm' sound so pretty, but I'm sure they are not. I hope you are all safe and snug. Thanks for stopping by :-D

Everyone - Thank you for your concern re: Joe. We still have no heard anything, so I still have my fingers crossed.