Awwww...He really does love me!!!

I lost my wedding ring about 3 months ago, right before Christmas and I decided we'd wait to replace it until after Christmas so we had more money for gifts and etc. But of course one thing led to another and I just never ended up getting another one.

Friday night after school Prince Charming called to tell he was running to my favorite mall to go shopping. I got all sorts of bent out of shape 'cause he didn't let me know he was planning on going shopping, and I would have loved to go. Normally I wouldn't get upset as I had but I was also having a visit from my 'Friend' who had me rather unreasonable in a way I had not been in a VERY long time.

Saturday I was still upset about Friday.

Sunday I realized there was a significant amount of money missing from our budget that wasn't categorized. Again, I got a little annoyed when he told me not to worry about it and that I'd find out soon enough.

Last night he brought me home a present:
It's the most beautifully wonderful ring I've ever owned. Sadly, taking a pic by myself didn't work so well and I could NOT get the ring in focus. I'm usually not a diamond girl..but this one is huge and just to die for. I really really really had to apologize. And then I apologized about 20 more times.


So glad I married Prince Charming.


Jen Holland said...

SO pretty!!! I'm jealous!!

Chris said...

Jen - No jealousy allowed! And thank you :-)

Diane said...

Truly breath taking!! Can't wait to get my camera lens focus on that rock!! The glare alone will be challenging.

BTW... love that this has a spell checker!! You will never know how many times it's caught my too too fast typing!!

Chris said...

Mom - Yeah, it saves my butt when I'm speed typing, too. :-D And the glare isn't THAT bad. Well, might be a little bit of a challenge ;-)

**doing giggly girl dance**

Lisa said...

So very pretty. YEAY YOU. He did good. :-)

LadyBugCrossing said...

Awww... that's wonderful!!
I've been reading your blog and it's terrific. Thanks for dropping by!

Chris said...

Lisa - Yeah, he did do good. I was impressed!

Mrs. Ladybug: Thank YOU for stopping by!