Liberty-isms of the week

1. 'I wove rock and roll put another one in the juice-box baby'

2. 'Mom, can I watch pirates from the Cara-Bean?

3. ' Dad, lets watch that show. You know. The one we watch before bed sometimes: No one likes Chris.

4. 'Dad, why did mommy get a ring and not me? I'm your princess! She's just your wife!'

5. 'BROTHER..that's gross! I don't like worms!!!'

Less than 10 minutes later

6. 'Mom...I found a mouse tail! Just the tail! The cat must have eaten the rest! Isn't that cool?'


Lisa said...

She is SO darling.

You are JUST the wife. heehee. My son feels the same way about his daddy. Dad's JUST the husband.

Anonymous said...

Lisa - Yeah, once Bean is old enough to realize that her and Liberty are both princess and I'm JUST the wife, I have no idea how I'll survive! LOL.

Anonymous said...

This is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Jen - Thanks :-)