My Real Mom Truths

Have you heard of the 'Real Mom Truths'? If not you should head over to Motherhood Uncensored and check it out! It's a wonderful thing to find out what other moms are saying make a real mom!

My Real Mom Truth(s)

Real moms will make any excuse to go grocery shopping after the kids are in bed.

Real moms will casually drop an itinerary of grocery shopping plans to friends in hopes of a rendezvous.

Real moms will use the grocery store bathroom simply because it's the first time in four days they could pee and haven't had someone in the room with them, banging on the door, or screaming for them.

Real moms really do have magic kisses.

Real moms do know the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause and Tooth Fairy personally.

Real moms know the other moms aren't perfect but are still secretly jealous of them for looking so Wisteria Lane.

Real moms forget to check the homework and sign the homework assignment page. 3 times in one week.

Real moms have a vice. (Mine is Coffee and blogs.)

Real moms want to feel loved and accepted.

Real moms have wanted to run away. At least once.

Real moms talk about their Va Jay-Jay's. What they were. What they are now.

Real moms are exhausted.

Real moms all strive (in some way) to be June Cleaver, who is NOT a real mom.

What are your Real Mom Truths?
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Jen Holland said...

Real moms serve cereal for breakfast...every once in awhile!

Chris said...

Jen - LOL. Alex is a picky eater so he gets cereal 3-4 times a week!

Tammy :):):) said...

Those dolies look good... at least, they look sweet! Is it a doughnut?
I'm hosting a new meme... come by and leave your link if you want!

Chris said...

Tammy - They are doghnuts :-) We (for some reason I am unsure of) have called these particular ones from a certain bakery dolies ever since I was little. LOL.

Lisa said...

When a Real mom has insomnia, she will sometimes sneak downstairs at 2 a.m. to make sure the tv is turned to PBS Kids and there's a cereal bar at the snack bar table. That way, when the child wakes up? This preparation will buy her an extra 15-25 minutes of sleep.

Chris said...

Lisa - LOL. That is sooo true. My kids have to stay in their rooms 'till I get up though, so they have woken up to find pop tarts sitting on their nightstand :-D