I used to have dreams...

The girls and I sat down to lunch today, enjoying hot dogs that Prince Charming brought home last night from a great little hot dog shop.

As I took a bite reveling in both the flavor of an authentic Vienna hot dog with chili and cheese and the first un-healthy, un-sugar free, un-figure friendly thing I had eaten in 3 days, the strangest thought occurred to me. I had just said to myself, 'Remember when you wanted to own a hot dog shop? That would just be so much fun. Yet another dream under the bridge.'

I think I may have actually physically jumped a tad bit.

Another dream under the bridge?

Did I really have a bridge that I was shoving my dreams under? Were there really enough lost dreams and desires to qualify saying 'Yet another...' to myself?

I started to think back to my childhood and teen years. Things I had hoped to accomplish or planned on doing one day. Dreams that were so within grasp at the time and then I truly had, for some reason or another, shoved under that bridge a long time ago.

I then tried to reconcile by reminding myself that I hadn't put them there permanently. I had been using my bridge as a holding ground for some day. When Liberty turned 3 then I could put her at the local collage daycare and start classes. Then when Bean came along I extended that plan to when she turned 3.

I know that all dreams cannot be realized. That is the point of having dreams. To make the ones that you can a reality and strive to build yourself in pursuit of others.

This is a list of a few 'under the bridge' dreams I have collected over the years:
  • Publish a Children's Book
  • Open a Bakery/Coffee/Book Shop
  • Get my Nursing Degree
  • Take Web Design Classes
  • See Two Plays in Chicago with my Mom ever year
  • Go back to Virgina Beach
  • Go to Disney World
  • Go to Sea World
  • Visit Ireland
  • Raise Horses
  • Start a Successful 'At Home' business
I know that I will never realize all these different dreams and plans for my life, but I hope that in not forgetting and not giving up on this part of me that I can make some of them come to reality.
I am not writing this as a 'lost hopes' post, but as a reminder to myself of the dreams that I have and have had. A way for me to remind myself to remember those dreams because they are part of my soul and part of what make me who I am and what I am all about.

What dreams are hiding under your Bridge?
Are they lost or simply stuck?


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Lisa said...

This is a very interesting question...

I wanted to be a journalist for a major daily, start up my own magazine, write a wildly sucessful book, and grow up to have three little girls.

And now? Hmmm. I dream of migraine free weeks, no more insomnia or sinus problems and for another child... (who would sleep good and be healthy.) And dream of lots of fun travel. That would be very cool too. (Ok. Yes, I'm lame. Sorry.)

Anonymous said...

Lisa - ROFL. You are SO not lame. You are one of the least lame people I know (well, via the blogging world anywho). At least you had one "frivolous" dream in there. Travel would be awesome!