A break in....sort of (Oldie but Goodie Post)

7:45 am: I am sitting on my couch watching last nights episode of 'BONES' and nursing Bean. Prince Charming is sleeping in bedroom. Liberty is in the office adjoining living room at the drawing desk.

7:46 am: My front door (exactly 2.5 feet to the left of where I am sitting) opens

7:46.5 am: I look at the door and am frustrated that it has blown open again and that I will have to get off the couch, waking up
Bean in the process, to close it. Then I inexplicably think to myself, 'That didn't sound right. It didn't sound like the wind opened it.'

7:46.9 am: A hand suddenly reaches from the outside into my house.

I freeze and simply stare at it in absolute astonishment and sheer horror. Thinking and hoping that whomever is on the other side of that hand (right outside my door) is someone I know....but having a horrid feeling in my stomach that it is not.

7:47 am: A figure walks into my livingroom. I will retype that for those of you that just went...'UMM...WHAT??!!'
A figure walks into my livingroom.
They took 2 steps inside my door and just stop, looking straight ahead.

The person was wearing jeans, and a 'farm style' plaid jacket with a sweatshirt type hood so I could not see thier face.

At this point because of #1 the sheer shock of having someone simply walk in and #2 the fact that I could not see thier face I jumped up holding
Bean and said loudly, 'Who are you and what are you doing in here?!'

The person turns and looks at me. I see a sunken face and huge bright eyes. The very first thing that goes through my head is 'OMG...It's a drug addict and they are dangerous.' I have no explanation as to why this is what I thought. I'm assuming it was a combination of the clothes and the look on the face.

7:47.5 am: The person takes 4 steps directly towards me making an 'ooohhh' noise. (To understand what really had me freaking out you would need to understand that one of Prince Charming and my favorite games is 'Resident Evil' and one of our top movies is 'Shaun of the Dead'. So...Although logic dictates Zombies do not exist..when reading this..please refer to zombie like dialect for the 'ooohhh' because that is EXACTLY what this sounded like.. EXACTLY)

I Immediatley scream, 'Liberty....Go upstairs!' She does not even blink but shrieks and runs upstairs faster than I've ever seen any 4 year old run. After that I yell at the person. "Get OUT..This is NOT your house!" Next, I scream at the top of my lungs, 'Prince Charming!'

7:48 am : After calling for Prince Charming I yell again " Get OUT..this is NOT your house! Please LEAVE." The person turns away from me and walks into the kitchen. At this point I have finally realized that the person is an elderly lady. She still is not saying anything. Simply saying 'Ohhhhh'. I actually recall thinking to myself that she might be a ghost and not a zombie. Again I scream for
Prince Charming: "Prince Charming..THERE IS A LADY IN THE HOUSE'

7:48.5 am:
Prince Charming comes tearing out of the bedroom, totally blind w/out his glasses, 1/2 asleep, wrapped in our bed sheet, blanket and comfortor and stands in front of me. He looks at me..looks in the kitchen..gets a VERY shocked expression..and looks at me again (this took less than 2 seconds). He turns and roars (I do not say scream or yell hear..because it truly wasn't. It was a roar with fierceness I have never seen in my DH.) "GET OUT". I am worried that he's going to jump on the lady and so I yell,'She's an old lady'. He tells me to call 911. I fianlly find my cell phone and have to turn it on due to my battery going dead during night.

7:48 am: The lady turns and walks down the 4 stairs to our back door landing and opens our basement door. I have no idea if she just stood there or actually went down there.
Prince Charming rushes back to the bedroom yelling,"She's going to the basement....I have to get pants on." I am standing in my livingroom (Bean still on my hip) just about to push '9' on my phone when I look up and see an old man at my front door trying to get in. I rush over...using my sholder to close the door and scream through the glass, "WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE". I screamed this very odd statement at least two more times as Prince Charming came out of the bedroom and I finally calmed down enough to hear what the man was saying: 'Just hold on..Just hold on...That's my wife and she had a stroke...I'm so sorry...she had a stroke..we live in the house with the white fence down the road'.

7:48.5 : I finally let the man in. The lady comes from the kitchen and goes to him. man again apologizes to
Prince Charming again and they get in his truck and leave.

7:49 am: I am shaking and in shock and so
Prince Charming goes to get Liberty from her room. She's in her room crying and pushing the door back trying to block him from coming in. Finally he gets to her and talks to her and calms her down.


Well, needless to say....It was terrifying. Looking back at it now we realize the woman was probably asking for help but because I was so startled and had no way of communicating with her and I was absolutley terrified for my babies I could not understand that. I feel bad that she must have been just as scared because these strangers were screaming at her. There is also humour now. The fact that I was so freaked out that I could only wonder if she could be a zombie or ghost. Or my husband dropping the blankets in the living room and running naked to the bedroom for pants. And the number one funny for me is the image I have of me standing at my front door, terrified, screaming 'WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE'. Of all the things to say. ROFLMAO. We are all safe. Liberty got a good card for doing exactly what I asked. Prince Charming and I had a lesson in rememberig to lock our doors. LIberty is a bit paranoid still and had lots of questions....we've done our best to answer them honestly and also talk to her about strangers. So....just a reminder that weird things do happen and that you should still lock your doors...even if you are home and live in the country. (OH...and you may want to be careful with those zombie movies )


Ms. Suzy said...

That story always cracks me up!! And you're right, I should lock my doors!!

Chris said...

LOL..I definitaly learned the hard way!