If Life were only a bookmark...

A few days ago Prince Charming attempted to save a web page to our book mark folder. He was rather dismayed to find 70 or so bookmarks saved with no rhyme, reason or method. Our last bout of computer problems had forced me to import from another computer and I just never had the time to re-organize them. Plus, the pages saved of Christmas gift ideas, new web page building resources, and a treasure trove of new online kids sites had caused our bookmark folder some chaos.

Anyway, I am bored out of my mind tonight and so I decided to start cleaning out and reorganizing the folder. I think it took me only 15 minutes. As I was doing it and complaining how bored I was prince charming suggested I listen to my book and 'organize' the bedroom. I love listening to my book and wanted to very much but had no desire to 'organize' the very scary teetering towers of clutter and lost objects that have accumulated in my sleeping quarters.

A funny thought occurred to me then. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could simply organize your entire house and life via the computer through a bookmark folder?

Dirty clothes...no problem. Whites folder...Darks Folder...Towels Folder . Simply take the icon and drop into appropriate folder....VIOLA...Laundry sorted. Next take that folder....drop into WASH folder...BAM...Laundry done. Multiple child households would no longer have to stress that boy scouts and ballet begin at the same time and are 1/2 hour away. Take child one..drop into boyscout folder..and POOF...he's there.

Oh...if only it was that easy!


Karen Rani said...

Heck yeah! I would have this place cleaned up in about an hour!

Diane said...

Now, this is a GREAT idea. Why, I'd have a folder for men, one for boys, one for men at work, one for boys at work, etc.

Then, of course, I'd need to an AA program for folder obsession aswell. That could be dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Karen....The thought of not having to leave the computer to do any housework. sigh. If only.

Mom...LOL.You? Have an obsession?? Hard to believe!