The New Look

As you can see (hopefully), I've re-decorated a bit. It is a work in progress as I learn how to do everything I want with Bloggers suckey wonderful restrictions. And thank you to my most wonderful Mom for doing the header for me! I LOVE IT.

I have realized that some Internet Explorer users see my page a little (okay...A LOT) out of order. I am working to fix this (if you have any suggestions, please share!).

Personally, if you are using IE, then I suggest you ditch it and switch to Mozilla Firefox. Much nicer to use(IMHO) and it also has some GREAT add-ons.
A few of my Favorites are
FoxyTunes, Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer, Web Developer, and Clipmarks.

Still aren't sure if you're ready to drop IE? Then read this review to help compare them, or read these user rated reviews, and finally this review.

Of course the most important thing is that you'll be able to see this site as it's intended :-D And you can always keep IE on the computer for those 'other' people!


Jen said...

Pretty, pretty! You've sure taught yourself a lot! Your mom did a great job on your header (no surprise there).

I'm finally back in the blog world! If forgot how much I missed it!! Now I'm back to being obsessed! LOL! How could I have forgotten how fun it was??

Anonymous said...

Thanks :-) I'm soooo glad you are back! I missed ya tons! As for obsessed...umm..yeah. I am horridly obsessed :-) I'm constantly tweaking this, checking this, reading this. HAHA.