Must be a man thing..

Last Night:

Prince Charming: "Do we have any paper?"

Me: "Yes"

Prince Charming: "Oh no, don't get up, finish your dinner, I can find it."

What I was thinking:
Hello!! We've lived here for nearly three years. Why would I move where we keep the paper? Did you think I suddenly had a crazy hair up my Arse and began hiding it from you? Did it even occur to you to check where we NORMALLY keep the paper before asking me? GUH!

What I said:
" No biggie, here it is."

Prince Charming: "I didn't mean for you to get up, but thanks"

Yeah, right, sure ya didn't.

And he says he bites his tongue a lot. Men.


Lisa said...

The other day my husband asked me where we keep the pens. I wanted to slap him silly. Of course he has to ask while I'm trying to get the boy showered and off to bed and do three other things at the same time.

This cracked me up. Thanks. I needed to hear other men are like that too.

Chris said...

Lisa - It really makes you wonder doesn't it? I of these days I'm gonna look at him and ask him if we have any bath towels just to get his reaction. LOL.

Chantal said...

Around here that would be like saying "Where do we keep the food?"

It's a man thing and it irritates me!

Chris said...

Chantal - Agreed! LOL.