The (very sexy) Handy Man, Part 2

You may remember my Sexy Handy man post. Well, since that post my sexy handyman had become the number one result for 'Sexy Handyman' on Google. To say we found it hilarious and just a little too much fun is an understatement. I am not sure who, or why, people out there were googling a Sexy Handyman, but it rocks that my Sexy Handyman got the love!

Yesterday was a sad day, 'cause I found out he had dropped to the number two position.


And he wasn't bumped down for something good,either. Just a site of stock photography that had a few kinda decent guys in suits and handed 'em a drill, calling them 'sexy handyman'.

Ah well. I assured him last night that he would always be my number one result. And I still think I need to have a t-shirt made that says, 'I am Google's Number one Sexy Handyman'.

Whaddya think?


Lisa said...

How cool is THAT! I love it. I bet he does too.

Anonymous said...

Lisa - He thinks it's hilarious (and maybe a teeny bit worried too, LOL).