Two Teenage Girls Kicked off Bus for Kissing.
What do you think?

Earlier this week two Fourteen year old girls were kicked off a public transit bus for kissing. The driver pulled over on the side of the road and forced the girls off the bus, allegedly calling them 'sickos', after another passenger complained about the kiss. You can read the full story here.

I guess I have mixed feelings about this. While I honestly have no problem with same sex relationships, I do question parents allowing this at an such an early age. I have never really considered the age factor before this story.

It seems to me that early teen years are so full of emotional upheaval and confusion for teen girls, that I would question allowing this type of decision to be made. But is it really any different than allowing a teen girl to date a teen boy? I'm not sure. Obviously this is overall a decision to be made between parents and their children. I do believe the bus driver was wrong for kicking the girls off the bus.

I am just curious to your reaction and thoughts.

Does this situation deserve different reaction than a heterosexual relationship?

Would you allow your teen to have a same sex relationship at an early age?

Why or why not?


sillypants said...

That happened here in Portland and my Gawd those girls are getting alot of attention.

I have a ten year old and I can't imagine her in 4 short years

a. using public transportation on her own

b. making out with anyone in public

c. making out with a member of the same sex

I think the whole thing is gaining way too much public attention. I would definitely not condone my dd having a same sex relationship at that age. I would be willing to discuss her thoughts/feelings about possibly being attracted to the same sex, but as far as having a full blown lip locking relationship? No. In fact my daughter would be in A LOY of trouble for publicly making out with anyone and doing so in such a way that it caused enough attention to get her thrown out of a public place. I certainly wouldn't allow her to conduct interviews with every news orginization.


Anonymous said...

Silly - Thank you for your thoughts. One thing I do want to point out as it seems to be related to one kiss, not a full make out session. At least from what I've read. I think there is a chance that the fact that it was two girls is what caught the attention of one person as opposed to the type of kissing or making out being done. But I do agree, I would not be comfortable with my child having this type of intimate relationship with either sex at such an age.

Thanks for dropping by :-)

Tracy said...

I honestly can't imagine allowing my 14 year old daughter to have any kind of relationship at this age. I remember being 14 (God that makes me sound sooooo old!) and I remember having different boyfriends and thinking that I was truly in love with all of them. The hubby and I have discussed this and we feel that we shouldn't allow our girls to date Atleast until they are sixteen. They need to have time to focus on making friendships and school at 14 not the drama of an adult type relationship. I wish I had waited when I was younger.
My feelings on this particular incident is that it's being made such a big deal out of because it offended the driver and other passengers because they were of the same sex. I've seen boy and girl couples that age doing more than just a little kiss and nobody said anything to them. I don't think he had the right to kick them off the bus for this.

Anonymous said...

Tracy - I agree. The rule here will be no real dates 'till 16. At least in theory. LOL. School dances, etc. will be allowed. And I'm pretty sure there is no way to realistically keep them from having a boyfriend. I know enough about my teen years to know that they will do it somehow and someway.And I'd rather keep an eye on them than have them sneaking around.

I do agree that what made this situation such a big deal is that it was two girls.

Catwoman said...

I hadn't heard about this to be honest with you (must have missed that segment on the Today show!) and I have to say, my first boyfriend was at 14, and I was WAY behind all my friends when it came to dating...

That being said, I have a lot of gay friends, and when you ask them when they knew they were gay, they say "five" or "six." Some of them ALWAYS knew, even before they knew about sex that they were gay.

So as far as those girls not being allowed to date someone of the same sex because they're 14, I say that they obviously KNOW that they're not straight, and I don't think that it's just a question of experimenting or something they'll grow out of.

I do find it offensive when any couple is all over each other, no matter what kind of relationship that is, and now that I have a young son, I'd definitely say something to them or complain to the driver! But that being said, that driver should never have kicked off two minors who may not have had enough to cover another bus fare and been placed in some kind of danger. And two, he should have definitely kept his opinions to himself, probably a little too much to ask of a 64 year old man though!!!! :)

Brinstar said...

Opposite sex, same sex -- what's the difference? I think the question you should really be asking yourself is: "As a parent, would you allow your teen to have a relationship?" Then you go from there. Youth is a time of experimentation, it's not until people start getting into their middle to late 20s that they really begin knowing what they want. Isn't part of parenting allowing your children to have freedom of choice within reason?

jesse said...

I don't think the driver should have kicked them off the bus. I personally don't like seeing couples of any sex mugging down on each other-you know when they obviously need a room. Personally seeing the two of them kiss wouldn't bother me because I wouldn't be looking. As for my kids in a same sex relationship-I wouldn't agree with it but I wouldn't stop loving them either. I would accept them for who they are despite my own feelings because they are my children and I'm their mother I will love them no matter what.

StephyMB said...

I think that it all got blown completely out of control, i don't believe that the bus driver should of kicked the girls off of the bus, because of them kissing GEE WIZ !!!! Who knows what their intentions were when they decided to kiss each other.Now days it is just the normal thing around where i live at to see women kissing women and men kissing men, it is totally acceptable here. It is to be expected, when you live in such an open-minded community like i live in. And i live in northern california.My daughter kisses her girlfriend in public all the time, and i see no big deal in it.I do agree though that it does attract attention seeing 2 girls kissiing each other, but i totally accept it all.I totally support my daughter for her decisions she makes. She told me that she has felt gay ever since she was 5 years old and now she is 15years old and i support her 100% in her life to be gay.It does not bother me at all to see the 2 of them kiss each other.I let them have their time to each other right here at home when they want to be alone.I told them i support them in what they feel for each other and happy to see them together.Even when it comes to sex, i accept it 100%. Even though i have walked in on them sometimes when i come home from work, it does not faze me any to see them together.I told them to feel free to be together any where in the house that they choose to be.Even if i accidentally walk in on them when i arrive home from work. I am bi-sexual anyway, so i am very open-minded to it all.Well anyway i thought i would post my comment on her. And i know that alot of you are going to definitely disagree with my thoughts and feelings, but that is alright, we all have the right to our comments and feelings toward subjects such as this.