Mama Merit Badges
These are so cool!

As a mother we know the different trials and tribulations we've endured. The months of sleep interrupted nights, breastfeeding a teething baby, technicolor poop and projectile vomiting.

It's always been a mostly thankless job. We do it because we love our children. We would survive and endure anything for them (even if we have been tempted to give two weeks notice). We do it without the comfort of sick days, paychecks or 30 min. lunch breaks. Our bosses are either cute little toothless wonders, temperamental toddlers, or mysterious tweens.

We deserve more than a spit stained shirt as our silent, almost invisible, badge of honor. And finally...we have one!

These adorable (and brilliant) mama merit badges tell the world the things we've endured, learned and survived. At only $5 a badge ($45 for the set of 8) these are a must have to create a 'Mom's Jean Jacket of Merit' or a 'Merit Ball-cap'. You can also go to this page on their site and submit a personal story detailing how you earned your specific badge. If they publish it on their site you will receive a free badge.

A few of my soon to be owned merit badges from the set:


This badge is to commemorate the nursing relationship, whether for a week or for years. Have you tandem nursed, nursed while pregnant or nursed twins? Breastfeeding is hard work and not as natural as it seems. If you produce milk for another human, you get this badge (and so much more). If you NIP you get a special nod of admiration.


This is for the first time you take your newborn to the grocery store and strangers come up and touch his face during flu season and you maintain control. Also, for when you stroll through Target nursing a fussy baby while pushing a cart full of those great end-cap deals while trying to mentally organize each upcoming birthday party you will attend or throw for the upcoming year. Have you ever taken a couple of toddlers to pick up plywood, balloons or a load of mulch? How about doing your monthly grocery shopping at super Wal-Mart with 3 in tow? If you have spent money with babies hanging off you, climbing in and out of the cart or running away from you because they had to have "real high heels NOW," then you may don this badge with pride.


This badge is earned early on in most parenting careers. For keeping your cool when your 3 year sobs inconsolably for a half an hour because he wants to catch a lizard and tape it to the wall so it won't get away or your 5 year old throws stuff at you and slams doors while yelling "whatever! I hate you!" We all need this badge of honor for not shaking, striking or screaming at our children. Sometimes we need it many times in one day!

Some badges I'd like to see added:
  • Surviving the Tweens
  • Teething
  • I managed to stay awake for sex
  • I made something that wasn't frozen or from a can

What's your badge??


Catwoman said...

What a cute idea! There should also be a badge for staying up until 1 in the morning making cupcakes for the entire class only to bring them to the school and be told they've just implemented a "no sugared snacks" rule! :)

Anonymous said...

Catwoman...go check out the site!! There is an actual cupcake badge pertaining to exactly that type of story!

Bee said...

I would also like to vote for Aunts to be able to receive those too cuz I've done my fair share of baby sitting and having been on the receiving end of PV (projectile vomiting) and the TP (technicolored Poop).
Also rushing to the nearest 24 hour Walgreens for Fever Reducing medication at 2:00 a.m. etc.

Pokey Puppy said...

oh good adition bee. I would add.. the finaly got them to sleep badge.. and no.. not just for babies.. for my four year old!!

Mrs. Jo said...

Do they have a badge for the I'm crazy and had three kids all under the age of four....and they were all crabby today! It should be a gold medal!

jesse said...

I love the badges. Hmmm I should give David the diaper badge, because that poor guy has dealt with more poop issues then me and has managed to still change diapers.

Tracy said...

I would like one that says "I nursed my new born while reading Sam I Am to my five year old and got gum out of my seven year old's hair all at the same time" It could be simply put as "I am the super multi tasker!"
This is such a great idea. Why didn't any of us think of this? Chris, I think we may be slacking on our business ideas here!

Absolutely Bananas said...

brilliant... absolutely brilliant. Can get one for "I don't clean and I don't care"?

DeLi said...

i would like to have a trigger-happy foto woman :)

i like cute notes. i has a nice potboard that says: a cluttered desk, the Mark of a Genius!