Mattel Toy Recall
Barbie, Polly Pockets, "Cars"characters, Batman and more..

Today Mattel is recalling more than 9 million toy sets

(yes, made in China. Shocker, huh?).

NEW YORK ( -- Mattel Inc. Tuesday recalled more than 9 million toys made in China, including "Polly Pocket" and "Batman" dolls and other popular figures, because of loose magnets and lead paint - its second major recall in less than a month.

Main recall site for Mattel

Sarge character recall

Barbie and Tanner Recall

Polly Pocket™, Batman™ Magna, Doggie Daycare™ and Shonen Jump's One Piece™ playsets

As this is the 2nd recall in a month from Mattel, I am curious to know if you would still purchase toys from them?

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What will it take for companies and the government to start protecting our children from this type of threat?


Bee said...

You know what I don't understand? Why the hell things are still being made in other effin countries?! Make the stuff here where
1) There are rules companies have to abide by.
2) Jobs for us
3) Boosts our economy
WTF! I'm not a brain surgeon but this seems reasonable to me.

Chris said...

Bee - AMEN! The problem is that for these products to be made here then companies lose profits due to higher production costs. They have to pay fair wages, insurance, etc.

Also, as consumers we are guilty for not buying products that ARE made in the U.S.A. It is cheaper to buy products from other countries. Granted most American made products last longer than their cheaper counterparts..but in the end it is the $$ the rules.

B said...

I think it's sad what is happening with these toys.
However, I'm sure I will still buy their toys. My girls love pollys, barbies, etc.

The truth is, the companies in China sign contracts promising these will be safe. In terms of the magnets, well, okay, that was a design flaw. But the lead in paint? I do hope the Chinese government steps in (and I have heard they are) and that companies start to double check toys as they buy them to check for these issues.

However, for those of you that are left wondering, where to shop now and which toys to buy, there is a great list here of companies who say they are double checking for lead and other issues:

B said...

I also want to add, apparently I'm feeling talkative today, the reason things aren't made in the US, is because most people don't want to purchase an item for the cost it would be to pay US workers to make them. Really, the american public as a whole wants the cheapest price possible. And frankly, we want the highest wages possible. I doubt we'd buy so much if the price to make them reflected the minimum wage in this country. Just my 2 cents.

Chris said...

B - Thanks for the site! It is very helpful! Thank you for stopping by :-)

moosh in indy. said...

This is why we play with TP tubes at our house. Good ol' American TP tubes.

Pickel said...

Thanks for linking to me! What a honor...glad I thought to work on that post. It cost me a couple hours of precious sleep but it looks like it may have been worth it.

Don't forget to check out the Signing Time Giveaway too!

P.S. saw that you are in the Il cornfields...enjoying the heat? My hair hasn't unfrizzed since Knee High.

Chris said...

Moosh - ROFL. Paper towel tubes and plastic Folgers coffee containers are some of Bean's favs ;-)

Pickel - It was definitely worth it. It's nice to know what companies care and which don't. I just wish I wasn't so jaded that I think they only care for the sake of their wallets, not our children.

As for the heat..I am SO ready for fall!! I'm sick of tank tops, sick of my a.c., and just sick of it being to hot to be outside. LOL.

Pokey Puppy said...

well thats right.. i went through the recals tonight... Fred has two of the lead paint recal diegos.. and freida has the barbie with the magnet recall... thankfully i threw the poop-picker-upper away already... lol

Chris said...

Pokey - Good job! Glad you found them!

jesse said...

I think it's a bit crazy having two recalls back to back and also baby bibs that are being recalled. I think we should start making the toys here but they probably won't because the labor is a lot cheaper there then it would be here. As for buying from Mattel we'll see.