Old School Style

Guess what I'm doing right now. At this very moment.

If you said, 'Umm..hello..obviously you are typing on your blog and most likely you are drinking coffee as you are a total coffee whore aficionado!'

You are exactly, 100% correct.

Why is this very obvious fact so important that it merits a late afternoon post?

Because I can't tell you the last time a Saturday has been this calm and relaxed. I'm really not exaggerating. I haven't the faintest idea.

Today we had Alex and Liberty's first soccer games (more to come on that later). Prince Charming coaches both teams, so our morning was a bit chaotic especially because Liberty's game ended about 3 minutes before Alex's game began. After the games we came home, ate lunch, put bean for a nap, Prince Charming and Alex began working on a Lego robot, Liberty played the computer and basically flitted from person to person and I sat and read a cookbook and two magazines.

Once I had finished the magazine I sat watching everyone. I realized everyone was calm, relaxed and really enjoying this stormy afternoon nestled in the living room.

I miss this.

Usually Prince Charming has school or work, I'm trying to catch up on house work and refereeing between the kids, or we have some other activity we need to be at.
But today we are just chilling, hanging out and actually enjoying each other.

What a wonderfully overdue moment.


Bee said...

I felt the exact same way today! I finished all my housework by 12:30 and since Andy went to work I sat on my fav chair with a book next to a window and enjoyed the coolness of the rain!
Today will go in my peace book! :o)

Diane said...

Wow, I've had a great Saturday too. I went no where, got no business calls, and spent the day (after a very late wake up of 8:00!!! yippee) outside cutting, sawing, hammering and laughing with the guys. Man have I missed that. Everyone was shocked to see me outside and spirits were high. Of course.... been way too long since I swung a hammer and that made them laugh, but even that sound was good.
Glad you had a great day too, and I'm sure that has to do with your beloved Soccer Season!!! Let's hold this feeling in a bottle!!

Absolutely Bananas said...

oh that sounds like a dream! and the exact opposite of our Saturday. I hope Sunday treats you just as good! :)

Anonymous said...

Bee - There is nothing in the world more wonderful than sitting next to a window while it's raining and reading a book. I love that. What book were you reading? Obviously not a religious self help book ;-)

Diane - I find it very cute that your idea of a relaxing and peaceful Saturday includes sawing, hammering, and building. That is just so typical you ;-) Glad it was a great peaceful day for you too!

AB - I hope you have one of these weekends soon. I had not realized how desperately I missed these type of lazy days until I had one again!

Bee said...

LOL! :o)
No, it's called "The Secret". I did buy it that infamous day though...

Smiling Mom said...

Nice. I do wish for a day like that, but my BC never stops talking. Ever. Ever. Seriously. Ever.

Someday... until then, I guess earplugs will have to work!

Anonymous said...

Smiling Mom - LOL! Usually Liberty is never ever quiet, but she was involved in playing legos with Alex most of the afternoon. It was a rare and quiet day. :-)

Mr. Jo said...

Wait peace and quiet can happen between the 7AM and 930PM... HHHMMMMMvery interesting I might have to talk to Mrs. JO about this!!

B said...

So glad you had a nice relaxing Saturday! =)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Joe - Yes, On occasion it HAS been known to happen ;-)

B - Thank you :-) Me too!