When you give a Mouse a Cookie...
(The Mommy Version)

I meant to post by 9 am this morning. Obviously, as it's 11:32 am, it didn't happen.

The problem is that today is Thursday. And Thursday is garbage pick up day.

So I logged onto Chloe (My laptop. Yes, I named her. Yes, I will explain why later), and my internet was taking longer than usual to sign in (shocker).

So I decided that I would clean out the fridge real quick (Because today is garbage pick up day)

Once I did that I realized the bag wasn't full enough to take out. So I decided to clean my 3 lower kitchen cabinets (They haven't been cleaned since we moved in 2 years ago and became the 'hiding' place. Been meaning to do it for like 8 months).

So, I sorted all the Tupperware, threw out all mismatches, threw away a bazillion pounds of old candy (seriously all the way back from Easter '05!),threw out other random junk and also found that Mice at some point attempted to create their own utopia amongst my cabinet clutter (I am pretty sure they did not succeed due to the volumes of candy they had eaten. Dental insurance is hard to come by in the rodent business and the sugar high alone must have caused some dissent).

So, then I had to Vacuum the emptied cabinets out. And seeing I had the vacuum out I might as well vacuum the whole kitchen floor. And seeing that is next to the living room I might as well vacuum the whole living room, then toy room.

Then I had to wash all the dishes because my long lost Tupperware had been living amongst the mice. Because I was doing the dishes I had to wipe off my counters. And I was cleaning so I might as well take everything off the counter and wipe under it, not just around it.

Then I had to put everything back into the cabinets in an organized fashion and move things from the upper cabinets down (now that there was finally room). Here's the final result:

Once that was all done I had to take the original trash back and the other junk that had accumulated in the cabinet out to the end of the drive. As I was walking back I realized there were two more garbage cans by the garage that hadn't been brought up in at least 3 months (they were to heavy for Alex and I kept forgetting). So I brought those to the end of the drive.

So I came back in and now my kitchen is all clean.

Except then I went to make lunch and realized I hadn't wiped off the shelves in a few weeks and they were kinda icky. So I wiped 'em all down.

and NOW my kitchen really is all clean.

and I've finally had a chance to post!


Jen said...

Good for you! I have to admit that now that I have my body back to myself I am looking forward to tackling all of those chores I had neglected...like vacuuming under my couches, which I did today.

SHHH!! Don't tell my OB! ;)

jesse said...

Holy Cow-You Go Girl!! There are days when I'm like you I'll start w/one thing and before I know it I've cleaned an entire room from top to bottom and then move on to another. Ahhh if only I did that more often instead of once in a blue moon.

B said...

Wow! What a very productive morning you had ... I'm very impressed with it. I have a few spots in my hosue that need that sort of attention right now!

Tracy said...

Should you ever get to feeling like that again and need a kitchen to clean, I whole heartedly hand mine over to your hands. In advance you're welcome! lol

Anonymous said...

Jen - LOL! It's great to have you back!

Jesse - For some reason..whenever it's fall weather (temps in the 65-75 last two days) I am non stop like that! If only I could keep it up all year! LOL.

B - Thanks :-)

Tracy - OMG! Thank you! Thank you sooo much! I was just SO hoping someone would be so kind ;-) ROFL.

Mrs. Jo said...

Whooo hooo for you! Way to go..it's the BEST feeling when the kitchen is clean..I love a clean kitchen. I started a new system in the kitchen like two weeks ago...and I have never been so proud of my kitchen! Make it last..it's worth it!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Jo - You are very right about that! :-)

MGM said...

I resemble that. My good intentions with my colleague, a psychologist with whom I share office space, has told me I remind him of a "good" Cat in the Hat.

Anonymous said...

Mgm - LOL! Now that is a comparison I hadn't thought of! But it's true!