The Result Show!
Name the Blogger!

Yes, I'm late! But better late than never is my personal motto. LOL.

Apparently even though I checked all the pictures many of them still showed the file names. So if you cheated..shame on you. I suggest you go and find 4 m & m's, eat one, and throw the rest away as punishment.

Now, here are your results:

This is the wonderful and Oh so funny Mrs. Jo!

Ladies and Gents, Please meet Tracy, my Long Lost Twin Sister (yes, I even had the same bangs at one point)!

Her Diva-ness Miss Sassy, just as stunning those few years ago as she is today!

Cute as a button and amazingly talented Gypsy Queen!

Here is Bee, proving she actually was a child prodigy graduating Harvard at age 6. Thus her amazingly brilliant writing style.

She may have had a puppy dog look in this pic, but today she is known as Smiling Mom!

This cutie pie is now known as Pokey Puppy!

And this blond little pudgy thing guessed it...ME!

Now I want to know how every single one of you managed to guess which one was me?? Every.Single.One.of.You. got this right!

Hope you all had fun and thanks for playing :-D

If you are wondering why your comments from the game post are on this's because blogger was not playing nice this morning and I couldn't upload the pics. So I had to edit the game post instead of writing a new post.


Roz said...

hey i just sent you an email.
let me know if you got it or didn't get it...

Bee said...


Anonymous said...

Roz - I didn't get it :-(

Bee - Stop. I love it!

Everyone - Even if your pic is there guess! I know, it gives some stuff away, but it's more fun :-)

Roz said...

i see how it're blocking me!

can you send me an email at chez_roz (at) hotmail (dot) com?

Smiling Mom said...

So fun!! I'll come back and do this later, *cough* when I'm not working *cough*!!

Gypsy Queen said...

This is so tough! I know 3 (duh) and the only other blog that I read (thus far) on a regular basis is Bee's so I'm going to be cheap and guess that she is B(ee).

Bee said...


I may or may not have mixed a couple up on purpose so as not to give away my awesomeness...

Mrs. Jo said...

okay here's my shot! Let's hope that I am close..
A: 6
B: 1
C: 8
D: 3
E: 5
F: 7
G: 2
H: 4

Oh well I probably am not even close..but this was a blast!

Tracy said...

Oh my, I don't think I'm even going to get close on this one but here's my guess:
A: 2
B: 8
C: 3
D: 1
E: 5
F: 7
G: 6
H: 4
This was harder than I thought! What game are we going to play next? Split the atom? lol

Smiling Mom said...

Ok, well me being...well. me! I've already found a way to cheat. If I click on the picture, the picture name shows up in my heading. So, one is labeled Bee, another Nanette... and so it goes.

Since I figured this little tricky out the other day, I'm exercising great restraint by not actually re-clicking on the photos to figure out who is who... So here I go.
A 3.
B 1.
C 6.
D 7.
E 2.
F 5.
G 8.
H 4.

I bombed, didn't I?

Bee said...

Answers Answers we need Answers! :o)

Tracy said...

I agree with Bee! Lets have them already or there will be hell to pay LLT! lol

Bee said...

Chris!, I just want you to know I had many sleepless nights a) trying to guess and b)not having the answers when promised!



Anonymous said...

Bee - LOL. I am very sorry :-( I had a bit of very bad day yesterday and every time I thought I would get to sit down and post...something would happen. As punishment I will throw away all 4 m & m's! ;-)

Sassy said...

I totally forgot to send in my answers! But I'm sure I won something anyway. Like a new car! Thanks! I'm gonna go order a personalized licence plate now. Be back later.

Anonymous said...

Sassy - LOL. It's on it's way. Should be delivered tomorrow. No. Really ;-)