Mattel / Fisher Price Recall
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Plus one Mom Says "Enough!"

For the 3rd time in five weeks, Mattel Toys is recalling 848,000 toys, due to lead paint hazard. Click the picture for Information regarding this products recall:

Mattel has posted a video and the following pledge to thier consumers:

We take our promises seriously

As promised, in recent weeks, we have been busy testing and retesting toys before they leave factories. Our recent voluntary recalls are part of our ongoing promise to ensure the safety of your children. We have strengthened our testing worldwide with a mandatory 3-stage safety check of paint used on our toys.
  1. 1. All paint must be tested before it is used on our toys. No exceptions.
  2. 2. We have significantly increased testing and unannounced inspections at every stage of production.
  3. 3. We are testing every production run of finished toys to ensure compliance before they reach you.
We encourage you to keep coming back to our website where you can learn about additional affected toys, what we are doing, and to find answers to your questions.At Mattel, the safety of your children is our utmost priority. That is our promise.

I personally would like to point out to Mattel if that if they truley take the safety of our children seriously, then it's time to truley step up thier game and bring thier production back to the United States.


One Mom had enough after last weeks toy recall and the strain of trying to figure out which of her childrens toys were affected. Dana Laine Parker packed up her children and thier toys and headed to the CA. Mattel headquarters where she demanded that someone from Mattel inspect her childrens toys. Read more of this story:
After watching Mattel Chief Executive Officer Bob Eckert discuss the recall on a morning news program last week, Parker packed up her car with as many bags of her children's toys as she could fit in and headed to Mattel headquarters in El Segundo.

With her kids, mother and the toys in tow, she marched into the lobby and told the security guard she wanted someone to inspect her kids' toys.

Are my toys safe?

Refusing to take the guard's advice that she check the toys against product numbers on the Web site, Parker demanded to see Mattel staffers. Eventually, she was directed to a conference room where two Mattel employees examined the toys, none of which was subject to the company's recalls.

"My children's lives were worth too much to me to trust the Web site," Parker said, adding that sorting the toys is time-consuming and confusing.

"Who knows the names of each and every `Little People' toy? And the model numbers on the back couldn't be harder to read."

Now it's your turn to Sound Off:
  1. What can be done (or what would you like to have done)to prevent this continuous issue?
  2. Is Mattel doing enough to keep our children safe?


Tracy said...

I completely agree with you, if they want to step up their game, they need to bring their business back to the USA. It would bring much needed jobs, it would be easier for them to check these toys. They need to stop worrying about saving money by taking them out of the states and start truly worrying about our childrens health and safety. I personally plan on not buying any of their namebrand toys until something drastic is done to prove that they are really putting our children's lives first.

Brian o Vretanos said...

They're a company - the only thing they're there to make is money. Nothing else comes first.

What I'd really like to know as a parent is what is the danger really? How worried should I be? That's something that no company or regulatory body will tell you because they don't want to say "well it's not really a high risk" then get sued. I mean, will this lead come off in your hands, do you have to eat the toys, or what?

There's no such thing as "safe" or "risk free", even if the toys were made or tested better.

Lisa said...

I had no idea there was yet another recall. Makes me happy my little guy isn't so little. And his toys are all Matchbox/hotwheels stuff.

Mama Grizzly said...

I COMPLETELY agree with you. I refuse to buy ANY Mattel products given that they do not intend to re-evaluate their relationship with China. Personally, my children will ONLY be getting products MADE IN THE USA!!! I'll be linking to your post very soon!!!

Mrs. Jo said...

I mean really this whole toy thing is getting out of hand don't ya think! People need to quit being so money hungry and actually take value in the products that they are producing..For goodness sakes these are childrens toys...someone should be just isn't right. Their pockets are fuller though and that is all that seems to matter to them. Right!