Pre-schoolers: 1
Mommy: 0

So as I was stumbling this morning, I came across (read rest of blog before you visit this page) this test for preschoolers. So I decided to take this two question test myself.

I flunked.

After I read the correct answer...and found out that preschoolers were able to answer correctly...I felt very,very,very,very silly.

So now I am sharing this with you so you can feel silly! And yes, you're most welcome :-D

Look at this picture.

Which Way is this bus traveling? Take your time and think about it.

Left or Right?


Now, when pre-schoolers were asked which way the bus was traveling they all answered "left."


They answered because they couldn't see the door.

Yep, told ya you'd feel silly.

For the record my answer was: "It's not traveling. It's holding still!"


Sherry said...

Gee. Thanks. I needed to feel MORE sillier than I already do after the day I've had!

Tracy said...

I actually got the answer right, I said left. That take preschoolers. In your face little monkeys!

Diane said...

ok... well, I flunked too. But that is good news to me. I've been feeling my age lately due to aches and pains. Failing this means that I get to return to preschool. And that's great. What a chance for a second start. Especially since back in my day there wasn't such a thing.. hell.. Most times kindergarten was optional, as all we did was play with dolls. Why when I was was a kid and walked a mile in the snow life was very very different.