8 Embarassing things....
About me!

Tracy tagged me for this For-ev-ah ago! And me being the procrastinating, brainless wonder Amazingly popular and busy woman that I am; I am just now getting to it.

So sorry for the delay Tracy and here we go!

8 Embarrassing things About Me!

1. I am Terrified of June bugs - Seriously. I will run and scream like it's a poisonus snake. I know they are harmless. But they are big and dumb and fly into you and into your hair and just... shiver!

2. Just like this other post by Tracy, I am very gullible when Prince Charming tells me something - I really did believe (for a few minutes) that the Tree's grew around the power lines on the mountains. Apparently they are actually trimmed that way. (Oye.)

3. I really do have a big head - So does my mother. We truly are a big headed family. More to come on that in another post.

4. I love 80/90's shows - Walker, Texas Ranger; Fresh Prince of Bel Air; Full House; Growing Pains; Roseanne; Rifleman (bet none of you even remember that one!) ; Three's Company; Star Trek- The next Generation. I just love 'em and can't resist watching reruns or all day marathons.

5. I watch Pokemon by myself - Occasionally, while knitting, when Prince Charming is at School and the kids are in bed, I will turn on an episode of Pokemon that I haven't seen yet. I really am addicted to the cartoon much to Alex's delight.

6. My dad had a horrid nickname for me - When I was a kid, somehow or other he started calling me 'Skunk Bread'. I was always so humiliated when he said it in front of other people!!

7. I still own underwear from high school - I have exactly 3 pairs that (by some miracle) still fit me and are from high school. I refuse to throw them away on account of that fact alone.

8. Number one most embarrassing moment EV-AH : While at a speech meet my Junior year I was wearing a very pretty white/powder blue stripped dress. I was sitting at a table talking to 3 other team mates (2 guys, 1 girl if I remember correctly). After about an hour I got up and one of the guys said, "Uh, Chris, we have a problem. You might want to sit back down!" I gave him a strange look and asked "why?" They told me to look at back of my dress. I had started my period, and it was a bad one. It had soaked through the undies, the nylons, and the skirt. I had a 2ft. by 2ft. bright red stain on the back of my skirt. I was.beyond.mortified. I had to wrap a coat around me, find my coach, find another set of clothes, and try not to die of total sheer humiliation.

So there you go :-) Now you know my deepest, darkest, most embarrassing moments. Aren't you sorry as hell happy you dropped by this morning?

I know I'm supposed to Tag people, but I just can't choose right now. So...if you feel like doing it, make sure to leave me a link in the comments so I can link to you :-D


Bee said...

I was tagged too but I'm having issues remembering 8 things (I can't get passed 2 since the most recent ones have been featured on my blog). You've got some cajones to talk about the period thing! ;o)

I used to watch Power Rangers in my mid 20s.

Anonymous said...

Bee - Lol. I've watched Pokemon since I was 20! I'm such a dork as it's almost 10 years since then! But oh well, I just love that pickachu ;-)

Tracy said...

Wow, you really don't hold back do ya? lol I just wanted to share so that you know you are not alone:
1. I too am terrified of june bugs oh and locusts. They only come out every few years but they are terrifying!
2. I thought that Christmas trees grew in their shape until last year when the hubby told me while we were picking out our tree. I said "I think it's so cool that these trees grow in this shape. It's like God's birthday gift to Jesus. Kind of like candles on a birthday cake."
His response was "They don't grow like that. Someone trims them to look like that.."
Theory disproved.
3. I did the period thing too. Just another reason to be thankful we're women right?
Thanks for doing tag and for the link! Now I shall steal all of your readers...mwahahahahaha