Good Friday Fun

Need some fun and a way to bust your weekend boredom? How about trying these interesting and unique 'do-it-yourself' projects:

  • The postage stamp Nail Polish? Interesting, I mean Who doesn't want a chance to put an Elvis on their fingertips
  • the Kleenex Tea Bag? Great should you ever find yourself in a pinch having no tea bag but dried tea leaves and flowers aplenty.
  • I'm not really sure what one does with a cactus binky (Or pacifier for you non-parental folk) but I'd love to hear your ideas.

And Sure the page isn't in English and I could use Google Translator. But I think it kinda makes it more fun guessing names and descritions :-)


Jesse said...

Some of those were pretty cool, but umm not sure about the binky either.

Karen Sugarpants said...

Great find Chris - but I gotta wonder about the water wings light thing - wouldn't it melt?

The cactus soothie? OBVIOUSLY to curb the habit. Duh. Haha!

Brian o Vretanos said...

What amazing quality! They look far better than shop-bought stuff. I think they ran out of tea bags because they used them in that toilet freshener thing.

I agree that the water wings one looks like it would melt, emit poisonous gasses and kill the recipient. I'll have to get some ;-)

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

That. Is. Awesome.