A Letter to the Little Lovelies..

Dear Alex, Liberty and Bean;
You are wonderful children. I have been complimented many times on how well behaved and polite you are. You are all thoughtful, kind and loving. Daddy and I try to tell you this as often as we can so that you grow to be secure, confident and even more amazing adults. I apologize, but I do have on question.

When having left a family function, special outing, restaurant or other such event and we are on the way home, and when Daddy and I decide to compliment you, saying something like, "Hey guys, you all behaved outstanding at (insert particular place here). Thank you very much we really appreciate it!", what are we doing wrong?

It seems that those words, once spoken aloud, translate inside your tiny diabolical minds from meaning "Thanks for being so good" to "Hey..You've been good enough, so go ahead and raise some hell!"

I would just like to take a moment and let you know that "Thank you for being good" does not mean:
  • Hit your sister/brother
  • Make annoying sounds with: Toys, vehicle, paper, your body parts or your siblings body parts
  • scream
  • whisper so everyone has to ask, repeatedly, what you are saying
  • Start and argument over the crayons exact shade of blue
  • Sing at the top of your lungs
  • Tell your sister her singing is annoying
  • Throw French fries, chicken nuggets or any other form of edible (or non edible) items
  • ignore everyone or anyone when they are talking to you
  • repeat the name of person ignoring you over, and over, and over while getting louder, and louder, and louder until said person stops ignoring you
In short, my little lovelies, when we say "Thank you for being good" please rewrite your inner translator to understand that we also mean, "please continue to be good".

Thank you and all my Love,

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Tracy said...

It must just be wired in all kid's brains because mine do it too. There have been times when I was getting ready to compliment them and shut my mouth just before the words were getting ready to come out.
Let me know if this works. I might need to write a letter of my own.
Oh, and why haven't you been over to see me lately? I've missed ya!