Walking Pneumonia Needs to Walk itself Out of my Life!

2 weeks ago I started having trouble breathing. Then I woke up the next morning with a horrid pain in my right lung. It was Sunday and Prince Charming had the kids for the weekend so I decided I should take advantage and go to the E.R. It was a long, drawn out, and horrid experience complete with drawing all my blood, x-rays and a cat scan. I left with an inhaler and they told me there was nothing.


2 weeks later (a.k.a. Yesterday) I was on my way to work and just not feeling right. I was dizzy, light headed, and had a fever. After nearly falling down when I tried to stand up I decided to skip work (I love having a flexible job!) and instead would work today (my day off). Well, as the day progressed I started feeling worse so finally called my boss to tell her I was taking Thursday off as well so I could head to the doctor.

Turns out that I had walking Pneumonia in my right lung two weeks ago in the E.R. (insert nasty names of ER docs here!). Now it is also in my left lung and my right one is worse.


So I had to get a shot in the Arse (ouch, btw!) and a prescription for antibiotics. I am supposed to be off work until Monday, but truth is I need the green stuff therefore my walking pneumonia will be walking itself to work with me for the next two day.

Yep. Karma still has it in for me.


Brandie said...

You poor thing! I'm sorry :-(
Feel better soon ((((hugs))))

Anonymous said...

Brandie - Thank you and welcome :-)

Jesse said...

OMG that's terrible and yeah I would be inserting a few names for those ER docs too. Get better soon!

Bee said...

Sorry to hear that! :o(
I hope you get better soon.

MGM said...

Sorry to hear you are ill! Hope you are lots better soon!