Dear Backstreet Boys,
Time to Grow UP
Celebrity Apprentice Spoilers!!

Hello, My name is Chris and I am a Celebrity Apprentice addict.

I should have posted this a long time ago so that you all could have tuned in and become addicted with me. I never watched the other Apprentice shows, but this one peeked my interest. Luckily, if you are intrigued enough to find out:

#1 Why I totally heart Gene Simmons
#2 Wish Omarosa had sunk with the titanic
#3 Why I actually know who Lennox Lewis is

then you can go here and re-watch the whole season (Also, I have the entire season saved on my DVR, so I will have the popcorn ready and we can watch together).

For those of you who haven't been watching I am going to tell you a little about last night's episode. The two remaining celebs are Trace Adkins and Piers Morgan. Their final showdown is a Charity Auction and each was given a set of responsibilities.

One of Trace's was to deal with the Backstreet Boys who will be performing. It was singularly one of the funniest moments I have ever seen on television. Take a look:

Dear BSB's,
This is a charity auction. You are famous among hormone crazed girls but you are not the best that ever has been, is or will be. I understand your overinflated heads are stuck in your Arse, but really boys. Is it so hard to show a shred of dignity and humanity?


Pokey Puppy said...

OMG.. lmao.. omg.. omg ... omg... toooooooo funny!! Okay i will admit that i like some of BSB's songs.. but no longer.. never will their stuff be heared by my ears again if i have anything to do about it!!!.. messing with my Trace like that.. giving him a hard time!! HAHAHAH Take THAT BSB!!

Jesse said...

When does the show come on so I can catch an episode.

Anonymous said...

Jesse - The last episode airs this Thursday night :-)

Brian o Vretanos said...


First of all, I must apologise on behalf of the British Nation about Piers Morgan. I had no idea we'd offloaded him onto you...

The clip was hilarious. Wheat Grass Juice???

Anonymous said...

Come on people! you can see that this was staged. They were told what to say and that Donald Trump was to say to Trace that it was all staged. The boys are upset with Trump because he did not say anything on the show to Trace. Because of this show, it made them look bad. If they know that this was going to happen, they wouldn't of been on the show. They are really nice guys. I can't remember what news paper it was in titled Backstreet Boy Staged Celebrity Apprentice.

Jane said...

Are there actually any of the original guys in that 'band'?

I agree, it's time to grow up. They must be 30 at least. Get a life.

Wheat grass juice indeed.