Hanna and Anna

The Other Players:

Anna - outspoken, know it all, hard working waitress
Hanna - cranky, hard working waitress
Their names really are only one letter apart and it causes mass confusion at times.

The first half of training I spent 'shadowing' Hanna and simply observing(I felt like a stalker). Once I was actually allowed to approach tables Anna followed me around. Like, 4 steps behind me. At.All.Times. Although annoying, I realized this was just part of training and moved on.

As I went to say 'hello' at my first table, Anna came rushing up, over my shoulder and said loudly (she has a truck stop waitress voice) "HI! This is Chris, she is new. It's her first day." then would return to her position (4 steps behind me).

She scared me and the customers. Five minutes later I still couldn't fully hear out of that ear. She did that the entire rest of the day. The entire (!) day! One table actually commented 'how annoying that must be to have someone scream in your ear'. Took everything I had not to giggle at the look on her face.

Overall, it was a great time and I did good. And the best part? I don't work with Helen on the weekends, therefore my hearing will not be a casualty of the work place!


Tracy said...

Congrats on making it through your first day! Tell Hannah (or Anna? Which one yelled in your ear?) to KISS MY GRITS!

Brian o Vretanos said...

Well done.

They'd never manage with an Anna and a Hanna here - a lot of people miss initial "H"s off...