Blackberry Pearl vs. Palm Centro
Needing your Advice

I forgot to mention that the reason I have made such a grand return to the blogging world was this nifty little gadget:

Meet Scarlet, my new Blackberry Pearl 8130. After 4 years of suffering through life with a basic boring ugly dysfunctional phone... I was thrilled to receive this upgrade. One of the selling points was that my new pearl could be used as a modem for my computer. Actually, that was what made me choose it over the Palm Centro. Anything to get me back into the blogging world!

The problem is, although I love Scarlet, lately she has me feeling like this:

I have had her for 2.5 weeks now and three times I found that I was not receiving my text messages. Other days my call log just vanished..poof..into thin air. I knew I had a missed call, but had no idea who it was and no way to find out. The help inside the anything but. The booklet sprint gave me to go with my phone might as well be called 'the dumb book about blackberry.' I had to google my phone just to figure out why the special ring tones I set were not actually the ringtone that rang (and honestly, I still don't get it). Trying to figure out how to reset it or do anything on it is just plain hair raising and the last two days the internet has been spotty at best (thus the two days of no blogs).

However, she's not all bad. I love that I can google sync my blackberry calendar and my google calendar (a feature only available to blackberry's at the moment). It's very easy to navigate from one place to another once you are used to the layout and using blue tooth accesories is very simple even for a begginer (which I am). Honestly, if it weren't for these text and call issues I would have no major issues with this phone.

But, because I found out that the texting issues are common with the pearl, I am considering bringing Scarlet back and exchanging for this:

The Palm Centro had originally been my first choice but I wanted the modem capability of the Pearl. Of course, now I know that the Centro can do the exact same. Another plus is that it is a touch screen, has a lot of applications..for a LOT cheaper than blackberry devices, and also the webpages come up nicer.

S0, I was wondering if any of you out there have tried one or (hopefully) both of these and what you thought of them? I will be making my decision on Friday as to exchange or not. Which do you own and why do you love it?


Bee said...

Ha ha! I named mine Scarlett when I gave it to myself for Valentines Day. Great minds!

Mine is a Blackjack II, I looked at the pearl but it seemed short somehow.

I would definitely go with the central.

Bee said...

Life is too short to waste on malfunctioning devices! ;op

Tracy said...

I didn't know you were back in bloggy land!! And now I see that I've missed a whole bunch of posts! Why haven't you come to visit me?

I agree with Bee, I would go with the second one. My hubby has a really cool phone from Sprint but I can't remember it's name now. It also has a touch screen. I'll ask him and let you know the name of it. But I do like the second one. And it's perty!