G is for Grateful

Okay so before my blog here is what we are to do.. next one to post a blog must put in the subject line.... H is for H_______ and so on going in order of the alphabet... and what you write has to in some way cordinate with the sub line. I know we didnt start with 'A' but my sis started with F is for Friend.. so here we go...... and if you put one out without the letter in it you have to buy first round of drinks when we are all together...

I am Grateful for:

My Family- Without them I could not survive my life. I would have no one to share my sadness and my joys with. No one to hug me when there is no one else. No one to love me regardless of who or what I am and allow me to do the same for them.

My Friends - Without them I'd have no one to listen to me, no one to have late night chats with, no one to drag me out when I am hiding, and no one to help me fix my give a damn ;-)

My Children- Without them I'd never have a reason to strive to be more than I am. I'd never have a legacy to leave behind. I'd never have anything to be proud of.

My Husband- Without him I would never know the meaning of total love. I wouldn't be able to stay home and raise my babies and enjoy every moment of thier growing up.

My Freedom- Without this....I would not be free to be me...to feel safe...to believe what I want to believe...to say whatever I feel I must

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