As Defined by Alex....

Scientist: A scientist is someone who puts red chemicals and Green chemicals togeather. Then they clap and say 'Eureka!' or something else like that.

Portal: The thing in his closet that opens on some nights. A (nice) guy comes out and carries him through the portal and into his world. His world is in a war but Alex helps him by working on a ship that stinkys (farts). When the guy asks mikey how long he wants to stay...4 minutes or forever...Alex says '4 mom says I have to clean my room tomorrow.'
* He told me about the portal in his closet as I was putting him to bed one night. It really was very creepy. I checked on him a lot that night! LOL.

Clean Room: "It IS clean mom....I know where everything is even if it is on my floor or under my bed...and you say that we have to clean our room so we know where everything is!!!"

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