I am Thankful For:

My Morning Coffee

Nestle 'Peppermint Mocha' Creamer ( IN my morning coffee)

Land O' Lakes Peppermint Whip Cream (on the TOP of my morning coffee)

Dark Chocolate

Crisp Days with warm sun

My love of photography and scrap booking (thanks mom)


A houseful of more 3m Products than we could every use

The privilege of Nursing three babies

The honor of giving birth three times

My wonderful husband

My amazing mom

My beautiful, intelligent and amazing three kids

The chance to make mistakes and now be mature enough to realize them and try to learn from them

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and gives me a smile with thier blog!
I hope you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!
See ya after Next week!


Ms. Suzy said...

I'm thankful for having you as a friend!

Chris said...

awwww. Ms. Suzy you is just the bestest! Right back at ya!