Baby, it's .....Warm?....outside..

When I think back to winter as a Child, it seems that it snowed very early in the year..and stayed snowy until early spring. Not only did it seem like a November thru March event, it also seemed like there was SO MUCH snow. Enough to make snow angels, and snowmen, and snow forts and have snow ball fights. Yet still enough left to find an untouched patch and delight in being the first person to make your mark.

My kids love the snow, yet they never last as long outside as we did. After about 45 minutes they will come in with their pink noses and small frozen fingers, begging for homemade hot chocolate. I always think this is so funny seeing they actually have snow boots and snow pants and snow gloves. I know I had snow boots and coats, but we just put on as many types of pants as we could fit over the top of each other. First you'd have tights, then spandex (this was the 80's..we had in abundance), then tight sweats and as many more layers of sweats and jeans as you could get done up and still move.

I sometimes feel bad that we live in the country because they don't get the joy of having a snow plow drive by and make huge cresting waves of packed snow. My neighbors and I would spend hours and hours digging and refining our snow forts to perfection in those giant drifts. They also don't have next door neighbors to stage snow ball fights with, but at least they have each other.

So, in case you've asked yourself what brought on my trip down snowy memory lane, it's that I've noticed as the past few years went by that we have received less and less snow each year. Last year we only had 2 or 3 major snow falls, and they were mostly gone with in a week. It's made me sad that my kids haven't really had any chance to have fun playing in the snow.

Also, the past week when I've gotten out of bed, felt the chill in the air, and donned my heavy coat as I went to take the puppies out...I've opened the door bracing for that first rush of freezing crisp November air...and....and....It's warm. It is the last week of November and we've topped 60 degrees every single day. There is actually a warm and spring like hint to the wind as it blows. It's not the cruel and bone chilling bite I've come to expect of November's end.

Today is supposed to be between 63 and 65 degrees! But tomorrow...tomorrow is supposed to be 30! And possible snow! Most of the world is dreading the frigid freezing arrival of true winter weather. But me...all I can think of is homemade hot chocolate, warm cookies, babies laughing in the snow, reminders to NOT eat yellow snow, watching Beans face as she really sees snow for the first time, seeing Liberty attempt a snowman, watching Alex and Prince Charming as they build their snow fort together and keeping my wood burner going. I love this time of year. As much as I do not enjoy being cold...I love the snow!

Is winter different to you now than when you were a child?


Ms. Suzy said...

I'm looking forward to the cold too! I checked our weather forcast and it looks like we've got a chance of snow tomorrow...and it's 20's and 30's through the next 10 days! I'm just glad I can hibernate..finally!!

One of our shrubs have started to bud again in this warm weather...INSANE!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it?? Of course Prince charming wasnt available at ALL during this nice weather to do outdoor decor..and that is one thing he loves to I don't interfere. Poor man is gonna freeze his crown off ;-)