Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Well, for me....the great mystery may be solved. To infect my household with chicken pox!!!! After the worst two weeks in the history of my mommy hood (we've all recently gotten over pneumonia, sinus infections, strep throat, eye infection and stomach flu) Alex told me tonight as I was putting him to bed that his stomach was very itchy. So I pull up his shirt to take a look...not really expecting to see anything as the room was dark. But..there they were...red dots..ALL over his stomach. So I asked him to come into the bathroom so I could take a better look. The poor boy was covered (his back, sides and stomach) with small and large bumps. At first I thought it was his Eczema flaring up....but it's never acted up like this. So...now I have to wait to morning to find out if I should take him to the doc's. OYE. So...here's a pic of the poor boy. Tell me what you think!

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