Have a Merry Christmas!!!!

In Two hours I have to leave for an all day family Christmas gathering. My three little elves are still sleeping (it is only 7:34 am), Prince Charming (in charge of gift wrap and stocking stuffers on his way home from work) will be home in about 20 min. so that we may commence in a flurry of hurried wrapping and bowing. Liberty threw up twice last night...so we were up until around 2 am. But I am going to be a very bad sis/daughter and bring her anyway seeing she hasn't thrown up since 2. I don't want to miss Christmas. As Grinchy as I'm feeling right now...I still want to go. I should be doing a million things right now, but I wanted to stop in and just say Merry Christmas to anyone who may wander across my blog in the next few days :-) I hope you enjoy your family and your holidays!

Here's a link for Christmas Eve to track Santa via Norad :-)

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