In Memory of my Grandma....

Feb. 2 , 1920-Dec. 28, 2006

I love you.
I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye.
I never stopped loving you.
Even when I wasn't there.
My heart will always miss you.

Thank you for letting me drink as much Orange Crush as I could.
Thank you for all the wonderful dinners when I stayed with you.
Thank you for the coolest sweatshirt I ever had when I was 10.
Thank you for my love of Rye bread squares and port wine cheese.
Thank you for making Peanut Butter Logs.
Thank you for awesome visits at your house on the river when I was growing up.
Thank you for loaning me Money when I was in trouble in Va. Beach.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for being my Grandma.


Diane said...

What makes Grandma great is remembering what to be when you are one.

Karen Rani said...

Oh Chris - this is beautiful. May she rest in peace, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone :-)