Happy New Year...

Happy New Year!!!

It seems crazy that 2007 is here. I hope you all had a wonderful new years eve night! Hubby and I sat at home and rang in the new year in our own 'special' tradition of the past 4 years. Lets just say...we brought in the year with a "bang" of sorts. **blushing**.

This year I'm going to really try and keep my new years resolutions.

So here's my list....so you can help me stay on track ;-)

1. Be a better and more involved friend
I have social anxiety and I use that as an excuse to not meet new people who want to get together and also to not stay in touch with the friends I have. I value each one of them and I need to start showing that!!

2. Loose Weight
I will be purchasing the Ultra Ab Lounge this tax season after my step brother has had amazing results and the reviews are wonderful! Plus I will also be ordering a month of Nutra System. My mom has done it and had GREAT results. She also let me use an extra months worth she had and I LOVED the food. I still crave many of the meals. I lost 15 lbs. and have kept it off for over 4 months!!!! So I will be purchasing my own month this time and hope to see the same results with that combined with the ab lounge. It is expensive...but worth every penny.

3. Get back and STAY on the Flylady system.
My entire house and prince charming were soooo much happier when I did the system. It also freed up a lot more time for ME and to spend having fun with my babies.

4. Take better care of ME
I'm going to start tanning, get my nails done and immerse myself in my favorite hobbies by actually making time for them.

5. Quit smoking!!!
Enough Said

6. Take more time to relax and giggle with my babies.
I have spent so much time stressing out about the house and homework and money and everything else and not enough time enjoying the wonderful unique things my babies are.

Right now that's all I have thought of :-) I'm sure I'll add more as the days go on.

What did you do to ring in the new year?

What are your resolutions??

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