What am I gonna do with you girls??

This past Christmas Liberty received her most desired gift of the past two years...Elizabit (Elizabeth) the American Girl Doll. It was a priceless moment....She literally jumped almost 4 ft. in the air...screaming at the top of her lungs and crying hysterically...all at once. Although it is a bit overpriced for a doll....I swear to you..in that exact moment...it was worth twice as much to me.

Before Elizabit..there was Aubry, the Cabbage Patch purchased with her own $$. Aubry went everywhere, slept with her ever night and was her baby. She has Magic Touch Color Silk Hair that changes color with the warmth of your hand. Today her hair is all matted and melted as my very smart 4 year old realized that putting it in front of the space heater was a much more efficient way to change the color quickly and evenly. She even calls me Grandma.

As we were wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve, Prince Charming and I mused what would happen to poor Aubry. Would Liberty forget the little girl who had been her best friend for over a year? Elizabit had been in her dreams for so long that we were sure Aubry would become another toy on the shelf. I actually had pangs of guilt. Maybe I had just seen Toy Story one to many times.

My fears have been put to rest as Aubry has not taken a back seat..she has simply gained a sister. It has been adorable watching Liberty as she plays 'Mommy'. She takes the job very seriously, and it has given me a chance to see how I'm doing as a Mom in many ways. When we have had a particularly rough day together then she is a little more short tempered with the girls. If we've had a fun day, that also reflects as they are allowed to have extra dessert.

Overall, my granddaughters have a happy and go lucky mom. I'm pretty proud of her. Most moms at 5 tend to be a bit immature and think they know everything. Luckily my daughter doesn't mind advice from her old mom ;-)

Liberty: Mom, Whenever Elizabit has something and I don't have enough for Aubry, then Aubry tries to take it from Elizabit.
**As she says this she is placing the girls away from each other in a 'time out' style**

Me: Well, Maybe you could split the cookie in 1/2 and the girls could share?
***DOH...Bad Grandma...I didn't realize Aubry was down here!**

Liberty: I did that but Aubry is still trying to take it from Elizabit 'cause she's mad now. **Liberty sighing** I don't know what I'm gonna do wit you girls.


Jen said...

Oh my goodness that is adorable!!!

I can't wait for Tara to be that into her dolls!! She already carries them around like a real baby, kisses them, and covers them up!

But I can't wait for all of that!! How fun!

Chris said...

It is sooo adorable. Bean is very much into her babies, also..all 16 of them! She insists on sleeping with two of them every night. And they're always in two's when she plays, feeds, or pushes them in her stroller. I think she's destined for twins ;-)