With Christmas less than 6 days away, holiday vacation from school fast approaching, and Alex’s eighth birthday less than a month away, I realized that the New Year is on the horizon and 2006 is almost at an end. It’s amazing how fast and yet slow a year passes by. I always love the changing of a year. It brings hope and promise and 365 fresh days of new opportunities and challenges. Every year I make promises to myself to accomplish this thing or change that thing in my life or self. Sadly, every year I feel as if I always have failed in most of those promises. There are the standard promises: I will lose weight, I will go to a gym, I will become more organized, I will remember everyone’s birthdays/anniversaries. Also, the not so standard: I will be a better mom, I will show more patience, and I will remember to take care of me better and even that I will become a sex goddess to my husband. Some of these I manage to uphold for short spans of time, some of them longer, and yet some not at all.

As I began thinking about this past year, I realized that although I couldn’t even remember the promises I made in January, I had accomplished much more this year than ever before. The most amazing thing about this realization to me was that they were much deeper accomplishments, in different ways, than I would have thought. So I decided to share some of these things. If I could, I would have Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Everbody’s Free (to wear sunscreen)’ playing in the background as that seems to be going through my head as I write this. So as you are reading my list (the only thing that seems appropriate to the music) please hum it to yourself for the full effect (if nothing else this should help prevent you from falling asleep).


I have discovered I love baking

*I am actually good at it

*It calms me down

*It’s actually become a passion

I am addicted to blogging

*I love to blog when I have time

*I love to find new blogs

* I do have some writing talent

I am a Normal and Good Mother

*I always try to put my kids to bed with a giggle

*They truly are PHENOMENAL kids

*I do need space and time to just me

*It is okay and GOOD to have space and time to just me

*It is normal (and okay) to loose patience now and again

I have had a period of self discovery

*I am not as convinced I’m fat blob

*I can be sexy w/out being a size 5

*I do have talent in many things

*I do not have to be perfect

*It is okay to be me

*I should have more love for myself or no one else can

I have started dreaming and hoping again

*I want to take online classes

*I will try to get my children’s book published

*I want to begin a home bases business I am passionate about

* I will be financially aware and responsible

* I want to be the best person I can be…and be happy with her

I know that to many this list may seem small and insignificant, but to me it shows a tremendous cycle of growth and acceptance of self. I actually feel like I am coming into my own, and really living my life instead of just playing house. I have stopped whining about things that I should not. I have started to put my time and energy into things I love doing thus helping make me happier.

Thank you 2006 for all your Serendipity moments and all the potential you have given me for 2007.


Jen said...

That is a great list! I'm so proud of you!

Chris said...

Thanks! Where the HECK have you been girl??? I miss you and your blogging! Drop me an email woulda!


MommaK said...

Wow!! You are my new hero! I love your attitude and your list.

Happy Holidays sweetie!!

Chris said...

LOL...The fact that anyone would be sweet enough to call me thier hero is enough to make me smile :-) Happy Holidays to you too ;-)