Bah Humbug

I do it every single year. I SWEAR that next year I WILL have all my shopping done by Thanksgiving. And if it's not all done...that I'll at least have most of it done, with just a few items left to pick up, but it will still be planned out.
And every year Thanksgiving comes and goes followed by Christmas school concerts, and special school projects, and this thing or that thing and before I know it...I look up and it's 12 days 'till Christmas.


Here I sit...with one gift purchased. That's it. My daughters American Girl (More to come regarding her later) is safely tucked away..and she is the only one.

So now I am freaking out, desperately hoping that when I do get to go shopping that everything will be in stock and that Santa won't have to make any last minute substitutions.


So next year...I SWEAR...I will have my shopping done by thanksgiving....and the things that are not purchased...will be written down and perfectly planned. No...really!

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