The Thing about Teddy....

Who is Teddy?
Teddy has lived with us Since September of 2006. Teddy is, supposedly, a yellow lab. I say supposedly because by 2 weeks post arrival, we were convinced she is actually more polar bear than Labrador. She is approx. 6.5 months old. Teddy belongs to Alex.

Teddy's Quirkiness

Quirk # 1
Teddy firmly believes that Pink Soft Fuzzy hat/mittens are the axis of evil in the world.
They all must, without a doubt, uncompromisingly be:
tore apart
and exterminated.

Resistance is Futile.

We only discovered this quirk once Liberty wore her Pink Soft Fuzzy Mittens/Hat outside while feeding them. Teddy grabbed on...and would.not.let.go. Liberty finally gave up chasing after the dog for her mittens and hats and asked me to rescue them. It took me nearly 20 minutes to pry them away from her. We don't allow Liberty to wear them outside to play anymore as the mere site of them agitates Teddy into leaps and contortions of hopeful destruction.

Quirk #2
(and what prompted me to write this blog)

Teddy loves Coffee.
Before writing this blog I had gone upstairs and came down to find my coffee missing.
Hmm...Could have sworn I brought it in the living room. weird.
I check the kitchen. No coffee.
Okay....W-T-H...I know I made a cup of coffee.
I make myself another cup, feeling very puzzled. Once I return to the living room I notice that Teddy is in her Kennel. Very odd as she only goes there if she's done something wrong. I begin looking around for puppy tinkle or one of Bean's toys that had fallen prey.
After looking around for a few minutes I notice something red behind Teddy...IN the kennel.
My Coffee Cup.
Thank GOD..I really thought I was loosing it!
I at first assumed she had just taken the cup and spilled the coffee, but never thought to check for the spill. I took the cup, put it in the sink, walked back into the living room.
There is Teddy...Drinking my 2nd cup of coffee. Just lapping away at my new red coffee cups. Enjoying every single tongue full of that sweet French Vanilla taste.

Damn Quirky Dog.
That was my last cup for the night too.


Diane said...

How cute is that, I ask you?? Doesn't really sound that bad. Although rue the day anyone messes with my coffee.

I live with a Peek-A-Poo once who had a thing for girls panties. As annoying as THAT was to be sure, it turned more towards embarrassment. Panties, it turns out, are much better shared ... shared that is with any quest who comes over. Consider it a sort of 'calling card'. My mom always said "Don't leave the house with dirty underwear, you don't know if you'll get is an accident." Wish she'd have warned about entering the house to a pair in greeting.

Karen Rani said...

Awwwww that is adorable! Teddy has such a cute face too. You're making me want to go adopt a 2nd dog! OMG I could just squeeze his big head - so freaking cute!

Anonymous said...

LOL. If you think she's cute wait 'till you see Liberty's dog :-)