America Stinks says Canada!

A Californian Skunk unwittingly hitched a ride to Canada on Friday.

The Toronto Wildlife Center is having some trouble finding the little fella a ride home.
Airlines, who usually fly accidental tourists like this home, are not keen to allow this passenger on board.

Because Skunks are so highly territorial they are unable to set him free in Canada or over the American Border. Doing so would start a Skunk War of sorts:

Releasing her into the wild in Canada is out of the question, Karvonen said.

"It's totally and utterly illegal from a provincial and federal standpoint to release a California skunk in Ontario."

As well, "skunks are very territorial animals ... "They won't just readily accept a stranger in their territory, so there will be a big skunk fight.

***Insert highly amused giggle here***


Diane said...

See... now I know why some people think that watching the news stinks!!

That was a bad pun..... I'm such a little American stinker. May the force be with me.

Chris said... least SOMEONE thought it was funny. I worked hard on those graphics damn it...And they STILL make me giggle!

Molly said...

OMG! The poor little skunk! I can't believe they are making such a stink about setting her free in Canada. They are going to give her a complex if they don't let her go soon, she is going to feel unwanted! Let the Skunk war begin!

Lisa said...

That is so funny. I LOVE the photo you chose to go with this post.

Where are you living in Illinois? I grew up surrounded by cornfields,(About an hour from St. Louis.) That's why I ask...

Chris said...

Lisa: Thanks :-D I stayed up an hour after I wrote the post making the graphics to insert. HA-HA. I was obsessed. Alex thought it was hilarious that his 'boring' mom could think up a skunk with a light saber ;-) We live about an hour south of Chicago.

Lisa said...

AH... I was hoping you lived about an hour away from St. Louis!

Oh and I hope you don't mind that I plan on linking ya.

Chris said...

Lisa, Hmm..I posted a comment to you..but it's not here. That is odd. I wish I lived closer to bloggers..that would be awesome! My MIL and her hubby live about 2 hours or so from St. Louis. I'd love to be linked! Thank ya ;-)