Mmmmm ....Mmmmm....Yummy!

I LOVE to cook, but I am ALL about fast prep, easy to make and cheap (that doesn't taste cheap) food.

My house smells divine right now..
and I can't seem to find the scratch and sniff font so I decided to share the recipe :-D

I have tried many different recipe sites, but none have become a staple in my baking or cooking life. I found the search ability to be so limited and I would have to spend twenty minutes sorting through to find a recipe in my budget and skill range. That is, until Jen shared her link to
Recipe Zarr !(THANK YOU JEN!)

The best and most wonderful feature on this site is the different Search options! You can search by time, skill, course, ingredients, and rating among other things. The best,most wonderful their '5 ingredients or less'!!

I use this option almost every week as I'm searching for new recipes and planning out our dinner menu. I have found some amazing recipes, and because they are only 5 ingredients, they are very cost effective when you plan for a whole week.

Here is the recipe I made last month and the VERY discriminating Prince Charming LOVED.
So I am making it again tonight.

4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
(I bought frozen ones @ Wal-mart for $5.50 and still have 3 left in bag)

2 (10 oz) cans of tomatoes and Green Chilles
(I bought Del Monte for $.84 Each)

1 Package Taco Mix
(Generic Brand, $.65)

Place Chicken in bottom of Crockpot. Pour both cans of Tomatoes on top. Pour Taco Mix on Tomatoes and stir, covering chicken. Leave on high for 3 hours, or low for 5-6.

The original Recipe calls to shred the chicken.
We, however, left them whole.
I then put a few tomatoes from the crock pot on top of chicken, and made Spanish rice (bag mix $1.25) also adding the tomatoes from the crock pot into it.

I also made corn bread muffins (bag mix .99).

The entire meal only cost me $10.07. It's actually less if you account that the cost of the chicken is really two or three meals.

Bonn Appetite!
Let me know if you liked it!


MommaK said...

I'm going to try this one. Thanks Chris!

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy it! It's soooo tender and yummy!