Three Questions

In honor of No Lurking Week..I have made it a point to leave comments on every page I visit. I don't typically lurk, but there are a few blogs I visit and don't comment. So far the blogs I visited have had some pithy and interesting question to ask. However, I'm feeling tired and a tad bit cranky right now (must be the no cigs...GUH) and I can't seem to think of any really good juicy questions. So I will ask three questions (making up for quality with quantity..haha)....ANSWER THEM. **EEK..sorry...told ya I was cranky!**

1. What is your favorite blog(s)?

2. Why?

3. What questions should I have asked?

To answer my own questions:

I think my favorite blogs are Troll Baby and Petroville. I visit them Daily and am always a little sad if there's nothing new.

Troll Baby is my daily pick me up. She makes me laugh with her humor or debate interesting topics. If a blog could have the same effect on me as my favorite would be TrollBaby.

Petroville is just simply....warm, fuzzy, sweet, and funny. It's like coming home for Christmas. Once you read, you just want Momma K for your best friend.

As for what question should I have asked?

I still have no idea. HA-HA. So I cheated and asked Prince Charming. He said..I should have asked you to name one thing you did as a child you still pray your mother never finds out?

I'm pleading the 5th on this one. My mom reads this blog. Hi Mom!


Mocha said...

1. Without fail I check in daily with someone of my favorites, but it changes all the time. So, I'll tell you the one I have checking in with recently: Breed Em And Weep. Good stuff.

2. I've been reading Jenn because she writes like I want to write, but only sometimes do. She's awfully clever.

3. You should have asked me what color underwear I'm wearing. Or not. Ok, just kidding.

White, by the way.

;-) Thanks for delurking for me!

LadyBugCrossing said...

LOL!! I thought it would have been me!! Kidding!!
Thanks for dropping by!

Karen Rani said...


Thanks, man. You are the shiznit...really.

One thing I did as a child that my mother won't find out, since we're estranged....this is kinda depressing but I wanted to kill myself at 12 years old. One day I should write that story at Motherless. My best friends' mom talked me out of it. I left home less than 2 years later.

Chris said...

Mocha- LMAO! Thanks for the info ;-)

Ladybug- Now now! I love you blog! I swear :-D

Karen- WOW, honey. That would be a horrid thing to go through without (or because of) a mother. I am thankful you had someone there for you though, and very thankful you are still here today!

Karen Rani said...

Boy that was depressing and I didn't even answer your questions:

1. What is your favorite blog(s)?
Hands down, Izzy Mom. She is awesome.

2. Why?

Izzy speaks her mind - she could care less if her post is interesting or not - she starting th blogging Declaration of Independence and I just adore her points of view.

3. What questions should I have asked?

I like what you asked - works for me!

Chris said...

Karen- It's been a fun way to find some really great blogs! And although I have enjoyed the answers ...your
post and question created some hilarious and MUST READ responses!

MommaK said...

Wow... I'm not even all the way awake yet and I'm blushing. That was amazingly sweet of you, Chris! I wish you lived closer so we could quit smoking and be cranky together!! Maybe you could even teach me to cook ;-)


Chris said...

Mammak- LOL..I'm not even sure I've taught myself to cook yet! But I'm getting there! And At least if you're cranky you haven't yelled at your blog readers yet! HAHA.

Your Mother!! said...

I won't lurk here either. SOoo...

1. I only read this wonderful, amusing, delight blog. I'm so filled with it's insights that I have no need to go further.

2. See above. (Sorry, I didn't read the second question before answering.) LOL

3. When my mom wasn't home, I went through her bedroom drawers and ate chocolate chips from the pantry. I learned a lot since then. First, that if you sneak chocolate at an early age - you will crave it as an adult. Secondly, if you put your nose where it doesn't belong, you will find what you weren't meant to. Like naked pictures of your mom.

**Disclaimer** If you don't want to know things about your relatives (i.e. grandma) don't give your blog link to your mother!!


Chris said...

ROFLMAO. Momma...You CRACK me up! And I'm STILL not answering number 3 ;-)