It's Snowing, It's Snowing!

A little bit ago Jen asked me how much snow we had, so I decided to run out and take a few pictures. We haven't had this much snow all winter, but once it started around 9 a.m. this morning, it just kept coming! Now we have just over 5 inches!!

Part of our toy area and corn field

My freezing toesies as I take pics
( slippers weren't the best choice)

So that's why they call it a doggie igloo!

So did you get snow today? How much and did you go play?


Jen said...

Thanks for the pics!! I'll take pics of our snow for you (the cows have quite the coat already), but I'm doing it through the window! LOL!! I can't risk my slippers getting wet! I already have a cold! ;)

Chris said...

I started through the window but couldn't get the one's I wanted. So decided to trek out there. It snowed until about 8:30 last night!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

No snow for us today. But we've had our fair share of COLD. I finally had to drive my daughter to school, 'cause -4 is just too cold to stand out at the bus stop. Brrr!

Chris said...

Melisa - AGREED!! I've been sitting with Alex in the end of our driveway in the car. It wouldn't be bad but the bus is never on time! lol